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AUSA 17 – H&K Exhibits M110A1 CSASS


Heckler & Koch exhibited a production correct sample, based on the latest configuration of the M110A1, Compact Semi Auto Sniper System. Earlier examples on display used different parts.

Based on the G28 (417) weapon is in Flat Dark Earth color and includes a Geissele slimline M-LOK handguard, Ambi Controls, Geissele two-stage Trigger, Harris Bipod, G28 Stock and Pistol Grip, and a Barrel with 1:8 Twist. Additionally, it is equipped with a 3-20×50 PMII Ultra Short Schmidt & Bender with a modified reticle and an OSS Suppressor.


9 Responses to “AUSA 17 – H&K Exhibits M110A1 CSASS”

  1. Eric says:

    Why does it not use SR25 mags? considering the M110 uses different mags all together how is this just an “a1” update? what are the parts interchangeability with the M110? But an M9 with a slimmer frame and light rail is too different. Seems like the army procurement is more “fan boys” and WW1 stigmas. Don’t get me wrong, i like HK and i love new stuff, I’m just worried the army isn’t making the best decisions – but maybe thats just my perspective and i’m totally off.

    • Matt says:

      Luckily Spuhr has fix for that problem with their lowers.

    • Joglee says:

      This is the army that wants to replace the M4 with a 7.62 battle rifle and the SAW with a mag fed battle rifle.

      • Joe says:

        You’re a little off there, I think.

        General Milley wants to replace the M4 with a 7.62 rifle, and he’s mostly alone on that.

        The SAW has been supplanted in the USMC with the M27, which is magazine fed automatic rifle (I’m a Fightlite upper fan, 1/2 the weight of an M249 and uses belts and mags, but the mag feed actually works).

        But it is the Army that adopted the black beret (Shinseki) and UCP (zero accountability for that one), so there’s that…

    • Joe2 says:

      Because AR10 mags suck and HK took it upon themselves to develop a superior system.

  2. Joglee says:

    Wonder if this will ever see a day in the field.

    So far it’s been unfunded Vaporware.

  3. mudd says:

    Will the real csass please stand up.

    What modification is this 6 or 7? Not the same rifle from the competition (using that word as satire, clearly).

    Army doesn’t know how to do an actual competition and down select.. declares a winner, and then realizes the HK isn’t ready for prime time. Quiet mods being done to smear lipstick on this pig.

    The couple units that used the HK417 ditched it already, for good reason.

    The Army should bow out of doubling down on dumb with this POS weapon.

  4. montrala says:

    Slight correction. G28 is not based on Hk417, but on civilian HK MR308 rifle (even keeps anti F/A conversion features). You can clearly see “MR” marking on bolt carrier. Those BCG are not interchangeable with HK417 BCG (417 BCG will not work in “MR” rifles).

    Basically, full circle – HK prepared strongly modified MR308 rifle as civilian version of 417, then after German military trials, where HK417 and MR308 were testes, it is civilian version that was selected for adoption as G28. And now it found it’s way to US military.