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6160 Solutions To Distribute ProVitaTec’s sens07 “Smart Inflator”

6160 Solutions announces North American partnership with Swiss company ProVitaTec, to distribute the sens07 “Smart Inflator”.


6160 Solutions was looking for a new inflator to meet the upcoming military requirements for a safer and sustainable personal floatation device, when it found PVT and their sens07. 6160 is working on a few niche flotation devices at this time. A flotation device made specifically for body armor is in the works.

Sens07 is a microprocessor-controlled inflator module applicable to a large variety of life jackets. Inflation time is based on a patented risk calculation algorithm considering static limit settings as well as dynamic behavior in water. This allows distinguishing normal water contact from perilous drowning risk. The sens07 algorithm, features, and user interface can be fully customized to special needs by a smartphone. The smartphone is an option and not needed for operation. Conventional automatic life jackets are unsuitable for operations, which may involve water contact due to the accidental inflation in non-perilous situations. The inflator can be used for helicopter operations, which was not advisable in the past. You can set the inflator to fire if you are below 12 feet for more than 20 seconds, for example. The inflator will hold multiple profiles for different environments. Operational range between surface and depths of up to 3Om and also can be programmed with indefinite time or both. The inflator can be password protected, so once programmed, it will stay programmed. If the inflator has been activated, resetting is as easy as replacing the used cartridge and CO2 cylinder.

Sens07 is designed to work fully autonomously and does not require any user interactions, but can be turned off, or switch profiles on the fly. The sens07 offers a wide range of features to protect the user in various situations during water emergencies. The unit is always ON and therefore is always in operational mode. Pressing the self-test button gives a clear and interactive feedback confirming fully operational sens07 device. The self-test covers battery status, sensor and microprocessor checks as well as a fresh and correctly inserted activation module. The inflator uses an ultra-low power consumption battery that has a service life of 5-year service life. No recharge or replacement battery necessary. The inflator is similar in size to conventional inflators, and is completely inert to air humidity, water spray, splash, or rain. The inflator can be retrofitted into most current flotation devices.

– 30 to 80 degrees Celsius

Lithium-Polymer battery gives a life span of min. 5 years without charging or replacing

Battery, CPU, all sensors, correctly inserted and unused activator device
Compatible with all bladders with standard manifold

½ inch or 3/8 inch thread
Meets ISO 12402-6 Standard

6160 is led by of two military veterans who have over 50 years of extensive experience in design and fabrication of Lifesaving Floatation Devices, Search & Rescue Equipment, Military and Civilian Parachuting, and Outdoor Recreation.

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