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Trom Introduces New .300 Cartridge With 900M Max Effective Range

During last week’s National Association Of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Expo in San Antonio, Trom introduced a new 300 BLK cartridge with an amazing maximum effective range of 900m. You read that right. They claim that their new 300 BLK round has an MER of 900m.


It gets better. Maximum Effective Range is determined by shooting 10 rounds into an E class silhouette target. The distance at which 50% of those rounds hit the target is the MER. When Trom Flight tested their .300 round, all 10 rounds hit the target. What’s more, they assert that the projectile will maintain enough energy to have an effect on the target at that range.


This PowerPoint briefing offers the highlights of the cartride.


You can get your Trom Flight Supersonic 300 BLK rounds by visiting We’re looking forward to reports from readers who have purchased this ammunition to provide feedback on how it worked for you.


21 Responses to “Trom Introduces New .300 Cartridge With 900M Max Effective Range”

  1. Greg says:

    That powerpoint briefing is perhaps the wildest flight of marketing fancy I’ve ever seen on SSD.

  2. Joe says:

    Looking forward to an independent party replicating their results.

  3. jeff says:

    Any background on these guys at all? I can’t find much outside of their website…

  4. James says:

    Interesting that they are showing it remains supersonic at over 800m. Pretty healthy MV for a long 130 ,would like to see shorter barrel numbers ( slower burning powder?).

    • Zach says:

      It doesn’t. It goes subsonic (less than ~1115 ft/s) between 750 and 800m per the tables listed in the powerpoint.

      If they generated the drop tables in standard atmosphere (which they very well could have not, given the marketing wank on the PPT) then the 130gr TROM has a G7 of ~0.210 with their provided MV of 2190. A 168gr SMK has a G7 of 0.218.

      I’m very doubtful about this bullet.

  5. Bill says:


  6. Maskirovka says:

    Wow. Does it use Blended Metal Technology ™?

    • Michael says:

      This is the technology that Frank Plumb alluded to in his article. The version he shot was a much older design and has been shot at multiple military bases (domestic and foreign). A decision was made over a year ago to bring a lot of our advanced technologies to the civilian marketplace to empower our citizens.

      There are 12,000 rounds for sale so that you or others can shoot it for themselves. Don’t take our word for it, let the bullets do the talking.

      Frank also fired our 600 meter subsonic 300BLK that went through steel at 500m and is not affected by wind. (So far tested in blizzard conditions 50kts sustained winds)

      • Dave says:

        That was either the best piece of satire I’ve seen in awhile or the craziest nonsense I’ve heard since Bush said strategery.

    • Stu says:

      Yes, act now and receive a free Morale Patch.

      • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

        “Frank also fired our 600 meter subsonic 300BLK that went through steel at 500m and is not affected by wind. (So far tested in blizzard conditions 50kts sustained winds)”


  7. Jr says:

    This sounds too good to be true.

  8. some other joe says:

    50% hits? Huh? And here I was under the impression MER, the military definition anyway, had to do with retaining enough energy to penetrate a Soviet steel pot….

  9. MOGAS says:

    I’m wondering why their specs sheet doesn’t have a ballistic coefficient listed.

  10. Zach says:

    In standard atmospheric conditions, the 130gr TROM projectile traveling at the advertized 2190 ft/s would need a G7 of 0.3 to be *barely* supersonic at 800m (not past…AT 800m). For reference, A 308 cal 185gr Berger Hybrid only has a G7 of 0.291.

    Lies and pure marketing wank. I call bullshit.

  11. dan187 says:

    So when are they going to come out with a .308 that has a max range of 20km @ roughly 299792458 meters a second?

  12. B0x3R0ck says:

    I don’t buy 300 blk but is $56 for a box of 20 high or low?

  13. Rusty Shackle says:

    So looks like this is actually PNW Arms new venture after they went bankrupt. How do you spell SCAMhady again?