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MadDuoCo Releases Original Pipehitter Tee

Chesty Puller, Douglas MacArthur, and George Patton all did it. So did Percy Fawcett and Albert Einstein (and Bill the Butcher and Gandalf).

They all smoked a pipe. They were all original pipehitters.

You should be too. Why? For several reasons, actually. For instance, you’re not just gonna look distinguished and badass (though you will, of course). You’ll live longer than all the girly-men who prefer e-cigs and cigarettes too.

Remember the Surgeon General’s report from 1964, the one that first really got people taking a hard look at cigarettes? Prob’ly not. Anyway. It said cigarettes were bad — but pipes, not so much!

“…cigar smoke has 4 times as much benz(a)pyrene as cigarette smoke, and pipe smoke ten times as much as cigarette smoke (p. 58). Yet, the Committee found pipe and cigar smoke to be pretty much innocent of causing lung cancer, and even concluded that pipe smokers live longer than non-smokers.”

That’s right. Smoke a pipe, you live longer.

That might be bullshit, in fact it probably is, but we don’t particularly care. We like pipesmoking.

And that’s why we released this t-shirt. They’re printed on Next Level tees, with several color options available (and more coming soon).

Get yours right here.


One Response to “MadDuoCo Releases Original Pipehitter Tee”

  1. Awesome Company. Great looking shirts ! Well done.