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New Ops Core Sentry Covers from Agilite

Most people aren’t aware that the Ops Core Sentry is not just a FAST helmet with a mid-cut ear area, it has very different overall geometry. Due to demand from US SWAT Teams, Agilite has made new versions of both their Raptor and Mohawk helmet covers, specifically for the Sentry.

Custom designs, camo patterns and colors are also available on request from Agilite, subject to MOQs. To speak to them about a custom cover contact support@agilitegear.com.

To see more details of Agilite’s Ops Core and other helmet covers, visit agilitegear.com/collections/helmet-covers


One Response to “New Ops Core Sentry Covers from Agilite”

  1. Anthony says:

    I recently worked with Elie from Agilite on a custom order of their Sentry mohawk covers for my team. He went out of his way to make it happen for us despite the huge time zone difference in Israel and my agency’s hurdles with international purchases. I only wish more companies I deal with had their level of customer service. Outstanding group in my experience.