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The Military Notebook Cover System

In a heated situation, you need to access that mission critical information fast. Lives can depend upon it. The new notebook cover system combines the “tried-and-trueness” of past notebook covers with the ability to individualize each cover – truly making daily use of the cover an enjoyable experience.


The Military Notebook Cover System has been designed to accommodate a variety of outdoor field data books and small binders. A 6 x 8″ military notebook fits nicely in the main compartment. Fits most commercially available sniper data books (STTU Sniper Data Book, Snipercraft Sniper Data Book, TSSI Waterproof Marksman’s Data Book, and the US Tactical Supply Sniper Data Book.


The Military Notebook Cover System is pretty functional as is – but the option to include cover Add-ons gives each user the option to really deck the cover out the way you always wanted to. Cover Add-ons (such as detachable Lexan envelopes, pacing beads, elastic marker loops, etc…) can be positioned exactly where you want them for easy access.


Available in black, coyote brown and multicam, this rugged cover is made from head to toe with military spec. materials. Completely manufactured in the USA.

4 Responses to “The Military Notebook Cover System”

  1. Roy Woodall says:

    I have been using their notebook cover for more than a year. Amazing quality and design.

  2. GoBliNuke says:

    Whoa, a new level of all-in-one. Perhaps lacks a pocket for ballistic plate.
    Very nice concept, to be serious.

  3. Buckaroomedic says:

    Tactical Trapper Keeper! But, does it have a pencil and crayon sharpener?