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Anquan Launches CAST – Cyber Attack Survival Training – an Immersive Training Programme for Executive Teams

LONDON – Nov. 3, 2017 – After three years of development Anquan has launched the CAST (Cyber Attack Survival Training) platform. CAST provides a new concept and approach to address the critical lack of cyber awareness at an executive level within organisations. It exploits immersive educational, exercise and planning techniques and each simulation is delivered by a team of subject matter experts drawn from across government and the commercial sector.

The cyber threat to companies is real, increasing and regularly overlooked – CAST exercises strip away the dry technical briefings and delivers fast-paced real-time crises, pushing teams to the very limits of their abilities and delivers critical awareness and understanding. At its core, CAST is an experience, which elicits strong reactions from participants.

“For over three years Anquan has been developing these immersive cyber crisis scenarios – scenarios that allow people to experience, learn and assess how they might react in the face of a serious cyber event” says Will Burton, Senior Game Designer at Anquan. “For most people cyber is dull, not on their radar. CAST is exciting, fun and a little scary – thats how you get people to listen and learn”.

Every company, school, department and organisation runs fire drills, but almost none run cyber drills. How would you respond to a massive data breach, a leak of sensitive information or cyber ransom attack? What procedures, do you have in place? Which members of the team do you involve? And what is your internal and external communications strategy? These are the critical questions that a CAST simulation makes clients confront.

With the CAST platform, Anquan has found a new way to pass along the critical cyber awareness messages that are needed across all business sectors.

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