O241Tactical – Tactical Zipper Jacket 


0241Tactical’s new Tactical Zipper Jacket is being called a “Smock-Lite”. It features a Hood, Upper Arm Pockets, Slanted Chest Pockets, Hand Warmer Pockets, Ventilated Armpits, and of course a zipper front. These are similiar in sizing to their Tactical Operator’s Pullover Jacket which is an anorak style.


Available in MultiCam, MARPAT (woodland and desert) Coyote Brown, GreenZone, BadLands, Covert (Woodland, Arid, and Transitional) A-TACS (IX, ATX, FG, and AU).

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12 Responses to “O241Tactical – Tactical Zipper Jacket ”

  1. SLG says:

    I’ve never heard of these people, so I took a look at the website. It would be nice if manufacturers would talk a little about the product, rather than the market. Starting with the material it is made out of is usually a good thing when trying to sell to informed consumers.

    • Pete says:

      +1. what the heck do they mean “jacket”? Is it insulated? Hard/Soft shell? Or is it a “jacket” in the BDU/ACU sense of “jacket”?

  2. SLG says:

    Don’t know why that is highlighted. Spam bot?

  3. reader says:

    Any real photo of the jacket?

  4. Wazza says:

    What material is this made from ? I agree with what has been said above a photo is important ( and reassuring) and knowing what it’s made from . Otherwise a interesting tease .

  5. AGI says:

    “Outdoor Equipment [online] Store in Murrieta, California”. So they’re not the manufacturer of these but are the sole source direct reseller. And why line drawings rather than product images? Just kind of odd.

  6. Mike Nomad says:

    Yeah, a few more details would be nice. Says they are US Made, etc:

  7. Strike-Hold says:

    0241 Tactical is a US company established and run by a USMC veteran and all of their “Field Strip Apparel” products are made in the USA.

    There are quite a few photos of their actual jackets and anoraks – and their other products – on their Facebook page

    The jackets and anoraks are typically unlined and made from milspec 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric.

  8. James says:

    The description refers to their operator pullover, which is a nyco ripstop anorak.

    Looks like this is a mix between that and their ACU style jacket. Super lightweight smock kinda thing. Would rather see flap pockets where the handwarmers are, but pretty cool anyway.

  9. LCSO264 says:

    I hate that Facebook has begun to replace actual websites? I despise Facebook, why can’t they put the same pic’s and info on their website?

    as for the jacket, looks like a BDU/field jacket type coat. I am pleased it is a Made in the USA product as well.