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Law Tactical Launches Survival Knife

This is some very exciting news. Not only does Law Tactical have a new logo, but they are also offering a very limited run of field knives that caters to those who are serious about their tools.


If the style looks familiar, thats’s because it is. In collaboration with Daniel Winkler of Winkler Knives II, they’ve created a tool that is as practical as it is prime.


This knife was made of carbon steel and is not stainless with a Caswell treatment that helps to impede rusting, while creating a dark, no-glare finish. The textured Micarta grips are removal, concealing a surprisingly generous storage compartment within the tang. This knife is the first product they offer bearing their new logo, adding a more unique element to this Limited Edition piece. Again, this is a very limited production with only 25 knives available per batch.


– .366 (3/8”) thick 80Crv2 steel
– Overall 10 1/8”
– Weight 10.7oz
– Blade 5” with chisel point grind for improved light prying capabilities
– Black Oxide Caswell finish
– Handle ¼” thick Black Canvas Micarta
– Skeletonized handle with storage area
– Recess cut handle scales for increased storage space
– Bolt sets for handle removal
– Law Tactical handle engraving for increased grip quality
– Screwdriver included for handle removal
– Multi wear capable leather covered sheath system (vertical, horizontal, right hand, left hand, PALS loops, steel spring clip, leather belt loop)

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.

Due to the limited number, please contact for ordering instructions.

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2 Responses to “Law Tactical Launches Survival Knife”

  1. OXCART says:

    HELL YES!!!

  2. redbeard says:

    Well executed!