TALON Grips Introduces Limited Edition Grey Grips

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colorado (December 1, 2017) – TALON Grips introduces limited edition grey rubber grips for popular firearm models.

Grey is finding its way into more and more firearms projects whether it be from a custom Cerakote, a manufacture’s limited edition grey frame, or accessories. Due to the popularity of grey guns TALON Grips is offering grey grips. What TALON found is that grey TALON Grips look good on grey firearms, but they look even better when installed on a black firearm.

Grey TALON Grips provide firearms enthusiasts a way to personalize their firearm while improving the performance of their firearm.

The grey grip material has an outstanding texture, proving a more positive interface between the user and the firearm. The grips provide all the benefits of that are expected from a TALON Grip.

TALON Grips will be offering grey grips to some of the most popular firearm models on the market. The complete listing of TALON Grips grey grips follows:


If a grey grip is wanted for a firearm that’s not on the production list a grip can be made from a 5”x7” sheet of material and magazine extensions can be made from 1”x4” strips. How to make a grip from a sheet of material- talongungrips.com/blog/talon/do-it-yourself-making-a-grip-out-of-a-sheet-of-material

TALON Grey grips are limited edition, when the grips are sold out they are gone.


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