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BATTLEARMS Announces CA Compliant Fixed Magazine Block

BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC.© (BATTLEARMS) is excited to announce that it will be releasing the BAD-MRB (Magazine Release Block) – CA Compliant Fixed Magazine on December 1st, 2017.

After months of anticipation the new CA Compliant Fixed Magazine service will be available at the BATTLEARMS website. This will be the first of services provided online via a Conversion Work Order Form right at the BATTLEARMS services page. This page will include details with a video demonstration, options and what is and not included in the service.


13 Responses to “BATTLEARMS Announces CA Compliant Fixed Magazine Block”

  1. Gerard says:

    Instead of trying to make ARs compliant to CA we need to make CA compliant to the Constitution

    • Nick says:

      I hear this all the time but never see any action. These companies are doing what they can to “fight back” against the unconstitutional laws enacted by these states while also selling some products at the same time. It makes it a nice win-win for them.

      That said, they are taking action. I hear all the time about how we need to repeal X gun law, but I never see anyone starting anything to actually put a plan in motion. If you really feel that way then start organizing, call states reps, help educate, etc.

      • Gerard says:

        My own view is CA wont be changed untill Trump appoints two more supreme court justices and this issue is ruled on. Untill then CA, NY, Maryland, MA and NJ are out of reach of the constitution

      • sillydilly says:

        It would be a lot easier and a lot more effective if the top 5-6 gun makers would just refuse to sell or service anything for state law enforcement agencies other than the same crap they allow their citizens to own. Hell, if just Glock, Sig, and S&W did it, you’re probably talking 80-90% of the police departments in America. But unfortunately, they won’t.

        • SSD says:

          This has been attempted and the results were less than stellar.

          • Jeb says:

            SSD – less than stellar for who? LEO, manufacturers or the People? I just spent a week in NorCal (Butte Co) and having visited the local gun stores, walked away appalled at not just selection of tools but of the prices attached to said tools. This is not accounting for the numerous handguns listed for “law enforcement only”. I find it to be quite contradictory – but hey, that’s why I moved out years ago. If we may reflect for a minute – this is not the 80’s and 90’s when those who walk like they shit their pants had access to a diversity of stolen calibers gained from quality Californiains. Most common caliber in altercations from those same who look like they shit themselves; 22lr in this day and age. Most common handgun collected as evidence from same knob gobblers; Hi Point. Preferred weapon of intimidation and threat spewing; any pump action shotgun…because well, they failed wall to wall counseling while on Ritalin. Point is, if any state needed a more relaxed atmosphere regarding firearms, Calif would be it. The idiots will sort themselves out with a toe tag pretty quick.

          • Tommy says:

            Are you referring to Barrett not selling .50BMG rifles to CA agencies or something else? One maker won’t do it, especially a niche one. I think it could work if they wanted it too. It would probably play well with the everyman customer base: Ruger, Smith, and Colt have all suffered one way or another in the past for being either being over-compliant with government restrictions or thinking that that can sustain themselves with primarily government sales.

            It just would take Glock, Sig, Smith, etc. agreeing together no sales or service under any circumstances and sticking too it- and telling the state governments why they doing it. Not gonna happen, but it’s a guess on whether the lost LEO sales would be offset by the positive press they would get with their core customers.

      • LGonSoldierSystems says:

        75% of my gun rights donation money each year goes to local Citizen Defense Leagues for (alternating between New York and) California since my state has become a constitutional carry state.

        I find those oppressed lands are much needier of my my money than my own state.

  2. Fireteam from Team Fire says:

    What am I looking at here? A mag-block for ants?

  3. JB says:

    For me, “CA Compliant” is like saying “remove testicles, place in jar for inspection”

    This is just embarrassing.

  4. EzGoingKev says:

    IMO it is a two prong attack:
    – convince as many people as possible to get a concealed carry permit
    – vote with your feet

    Gun owners need to leave liberal states. Your tax dollars are funding their agenda. Without a tax base their pipe dream programs will eventually collapse.

  5. patrick sweeney says:

    The gun companies can’t get together and refuse to sell, they’d be massacred in the litigation that followed. If they all did the “wink, wink, nod, nod’ and stopped selling, the first one who broke ranks would reap the rewards. Yes, they’d then be killed in the consumer market, but think of the quarterly dividend.

    There’s no easy out.

    This situation is a messy collision of business and politics that will be settled by the Supremes.