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FLIR identiFINDER Radioisotope Identification Device

The new R440 is a lightweight, sourceless Radioisotope Identification Device that can be operated with one hand and is IP67-rated. Not only does the 2×2 NaI detector deliver sensitive and fast detection, but it also provides accurate identification during secondary screening. The new 360° EasyFinder Mode expedites decision-making to keep you safe by pinpointing the exact location of the source.



2 Responses to “FLIR identiFINDER Radioisotope Identification Device”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    A piece of gear I never want to have to use… …kind of like a MOPP suit.

  2. jason says:

    I’ve been using the identifinder for over a decade excellent piece of gear especially if you get the R400 with neutron detection. The 360 source detection seems like a gimmick. Anyone who works with Radiation daily can zero in on a source without that feature.
    The biggest upgrade this gear needs is ability to be dunked during Decon. biggest pain in the ass is hand cleaning it.