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Prometheus Design Werx – Invictus MIL-LE DC Edition

Duty Folder Built for Military and Law Enforcement Users


Prometheus Design Werx launches their v2 of their Invictus™ MIL-LE coil sprung folding knife. Designated as the “DC” Edition, this variant features newly engineered handles which signifcantly reduced mill time on the CNC during production to allow for a much more attractive retail price point compared to their v1. Designed and produced for the Military and Law Enforcement user in mind, this folder’s blade is quickly deployed with only one hand via a GID inlaid push button and backed by a sliding safety to prevent accidental activation. This build features a type-III hard anodized, aeorspace grade 6061-T6 alloy handle, subdued deep ride pocket clip, handle fullers & jimping, lanyard slot, and a high grade industrial tumbled finish on an all purpose 3.5” modified spear point 154CM blade. Produced entirely in the USA.


The PDW Invictus™ MIL-LE DC Edition will be first available with a type-III hard anodized black handle with other options and combos to be available in the future.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The PDW Invictus™ MIL-LE DC Edition is our signature, mid-sized folding knife pattern produced with our Military and Law Enforcement customers specifically in mind. An expertly built, edged tool made for those who serve and protect. As much as we were proud of the fully contoured handles in the previous model, we also had to take into consideration, the long term production costs making this folder a more tenable folder for duty carry. The new chamfered flat scale handle retains all the design and functional characteristics of the original, but with a great reduction of mill time on the CNC, we were able to reduce the retail on this DC model by over 30%. We think all of our core users in the MIL-LE community would appreciate that.

Precision CNCed and ground in the USA, our Invictus™ folder design is an instantly recognizable aesthetic and styling, characteristic of a purpose driven, lifelong design direction, and ethos. This folder is inspired by and takes its design cues from the tried and trued millennia old spear point blade silhouettes, to the tapered capsule shapes of streamlined arcs of aerospace, and the purposeful fluting and texturing of the modern machine age as found in high grade tools to precision barrels. This MIL-LE Edition has a fast, powerful coil spring for rapid one-handed blade deployment when seconds count. This folder is a high standard automatic for users that need speed and accessibility when on patrol and on duty. This is one of the finest production automatic folders currently made in the USA.”

The Invictus™ MIL-LE DC Edition is available to purchase by qualifying personnel by visiting their website,


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