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Welcome To The New Rifle Dynamics

Las Vegas-based Rifle Dynamics has launched a website and new logo.

With a new look, a new assembly line, and a fantastic team we are primed to deliver the future of RD. The new logo will still feature our iconic angel logo, but with a refined and polished look to match the rifles, we create. Jim is the soul of RD and is now able to work on his dream projects which means, more advances and cutting-edge ideas delivered by the man behind the angel. Jim will also be working on signature rifle projects, leading build classes, and sharing with you his build process with some inspiring individuals and organizations.

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13 Responses to “Welcome To The New Rifle Dynamics”

  1. pricechar says:

    2k+ for a AK rifle… yah.. no thank you. I dont care if it is made “in the us”

    • Justin says:

      I used to be in your camp. Why is an RD AK 2k. Arent AK’s supposss to be cheap?! The answer is yes. It was intended to be cheap when produced in an economy of scale and on tooling and processes that were common to industry at the time. AR15’s are almost entirely produced on CNC machinery with relatively few human hands involved prior to final assembly. you can also do it on a relatively small scale with CNC machinery. The way ak’s are built with stamping, welds, rivets etc lends itself well to heavy industry in large economies of scale. Jim and his crew are building AK’s on a shop press one at a time and skilled Labor isn’t cheap, especially American labor. So you take a gun that is cheap when produced in large numbers and scale it down to a small time production shop, cost is going to rise. As weird as it sounds, building a quality AK is probably more akin to building a custom 1911 than it is to building a custom AR15.

    • Joe says:

      Economy of scale aside, let’s not forget that a Combloc weapon was essentially made by slave labor. This is America, you’re paying more for an American to do the work.

  2. Gerard says:

    Has the company been sold? Is Jim with it as a consultant? I’m curious as to what’s happening

    • Jim Fuller says:

      what’s happening is I’m 61 years old and didn’t want to run a business anymore, my duties now are building, R&D, T&E all the things I love about my industry and none of the things I hated. This has also brought resources to do things that I never had, with the new direction/changes you can expect bigger and better things than we have been able to do in the past.

      • Gerard says:

        Thanks for the feedback Jim, best wishes for the years ahead

      • rod wienke says:

        After charging astronomically high prices for years and years ill bet ‘ you have access ‘ to resources you never had before ‘ lol..don’t you love capitalism ? Best of luck to you

  3. Mick says:

    I own one and it’s amazing. I’ve never understood why AK’s should only cost a few bucks but the sky’s the limit on an AR15?

    • Jim Fuller says:

      AK are far more labor intensive to build than AR’s yet people expect them to cost 600.00, you don’t get much of an M-4 for 600.00 so why people expect a 600.00 AK to be good I will never understand.

      • Joe says:

        My RD Ak74 is easily one of the finest firearms in my collection to include HK’s, Colts, BCM, etc. There is a distinct difference between a RD rifle and a run of the mill AK. Unfortunately, that isn’t always obvious in pictures. Once you get hands on and shoot the rifle, its extremely obvious.

        • Nightfocus says:

          Ill put my molot vepr with slight modifications against your RD rifle and the differences would be next to nothing .
          Everything you over-paid for can be done from someone’s couch .

  4. Jim Fuller says:

    thanks for sharing Eric!

  5. Javier says:

    @Nightfocus Do you know how ignorant you sound? There’s no way you could compare a Vepr AK to and RD AK. Do understand the labor it takes to build an AK “The Right and Proper Way”? Hell the Vepr would lose in weight alone, thing ways close to nine pounds. Big factor to think about also is finding parts for a Vepr God forbid anything were to break on that thing. Remember the Vepr is built around the RPK platform. I’ll take the RD over a Vepr any day and again on Sunday. This is coming from a guy who owns two Robinson Arms Vepr one in 7.62 and the other 5.45.