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US Army Sniper Training Circular 3-22.10 Officially Released on Army Publishing Directorate

The US Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence has released Training Circular 3-22.10, Sniper and it is available for download to DoD personnel on the APD website.  

Christopher M. Rance, writer for the sniper training circular highlights what snipers can expect with the new manual.

-The sniper training circular has been completely revised and updated in various topics to include; sniper planning, employment, field craft, marksmanship, ballistic programs, and complex engagements.

-The Individual Sniper Weapon System Training Strategy is provided to include the official qualification for all sniper weapon systems. The new sniper qualification complies with the U.S. Army’s Integrated Weapons Training Strategy. DD Form 7785, Sniper qualification scorecard can be accessed on APD.

-Subject matter experts from across all branches of services to include NATO partnered nations contributed to this training circular. This was a collaborative effort and stands as a great example of interoperability between services and nations.

-The intent of this training circular was to create uniformity within the sniper community, and to align sniper training and employment with current U.S. Army doctrine.

TC 3-22.10, Sniper is restricted to U.S. Government Agency Personnel. Personnel must have a Common Access Card to access the training circular. Get your copy at armypubs.army.mil.

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