Night Goggles Inc – Night Stalker Shooting Platform

Night Goggles Inc is the sister company to TNVC and focuses on distributing and developing products for the night hunting market.


The all-new Night Goggles Inc “Night Stalker” Shooting Platform is the most portable, affordable, and universal tripod and rifle rest combo to date.  With lightweight, durable carbon fiber legs, camouflage pads, leveling ball-head, and state of the art innovation, the Night Stalker is perfect for nearly any shooting situation.  Whether you prefer standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone, the Night Stalker does it all.  You can even remove one leg for use as a monopod or walking stick.  We offer the Night Stalker as a standalone tripod or with the Shadow Tech “Pig Saddle” Rest.  The Pig Saddle will hold virtually any semi-auto or bolt action rifle on the market, making the Night Stalker truly universal.  Night Goggles Inc also offers the CRETAC Picatinny to Arca-Swiss Adapter.  This adapter attaches directly to the rifle and drops into the Night Stalker Tripod for quick setup and less bulk.


·         High quality carbon fiber legs for lightweight durability
·         180 degree foldable (approx. 18.5″ collapsed)
·         Three sections of height adjustment (68″ max height)
·         7.75″ lowest height (center stalk removed)
·         Monopod capable (extendable 15-55″)
·         Quick Lock legs
·         Foam padded legs
·         Spring Hook to hang packs and other materials
·         Non-slip rubber feet and steel spike feet for terrain versatility
·         36mm rotational ball plate allows shooting from all angles
·         Level adjustment knob and 360 degree dial for panoramic shooting
·         QR plate with anti-slide
·         Three built-in bubble vials

While the Night Stalker is developed with the hunter in mind, the features combined with value make it a perfect addition to Law Enforcement and Military Sniper’s kits.  For more information, visit the NGI website at

Night Stalker Shooting Tripod: Tripod Only $138.00

Night Stalker Shooting Tripod: With Pig Saddle $270.00

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2 Responses to “Night Goggles Inc – Night Stalker Shooting Platform”

  1. datamaggot says:

    Hey! that’s a good price for a carbon fiber tripod. I paid around that much for the Aluminum Manfrotto tripod!

  2. Easy E says:

    I like see more and more of this. I want to get a tripod + mount, but have been holding off. This may get me to pull the trigger.