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How About A Hawaiian Punch?

All Skills, No Luck, the people who brought you the flannel combat shirt are working on a Hawaiian themed shirt.


According to images they’ve posted on social media they are toying around with more than one print.



9 Responses to “How About A Hawaiian Punch?”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Would have been nice for 1 SFG Hawaiian Shirt Friday.

  2. Rf says:

    There is only one appropriate print for this and it has toucans and was worn by the great Thomas Magnum!

  3. Canuck says:

    If only they were made in FR material.

  4. Tazman66gt says:

    Looks like something Boyd Coddington would wear.

  5. b_A says:

    Make the white in the last picture an off-white, make it work under nightvision and I think it would totally work as serious camo.

  6. Hubb says:

    Nice camo pattern!

  7. mcs says:

    This is beautiful and I love it.