Direct Action

Classy Raptor Tactical

Classy Raptor is run by Disabled Veteran Curtis Iovito II and his wife and fellow Veteran Jennifer. I know Curtis through his dad and he’s a great guy. For the last several years they’ve been knife dealers. More recently, Curtis and Jennifer started making firearms parts from Copper and Titanium. They’ve really expanded their line which includes back plates for Glocks and M&Ps as well as magazine floor plates.  They are worth checking out.


4 Responses to “Classy Raptor Tactical”

  1. Alex says:

    It’s refreshing to see backplates with something other than punisher skulls. Lives up to their name as well, very classy.

  2. W T F says:

    Its like having your favorite wrench plated… unnecessary

  3. Gerard says:

    Saddly in todays climate its unwise to personalize a pistol in any way, even pro freedom constitional words can be twisted to hurt you if you have a jury composed of ‘urban poor’ who think the constituon and bill of rights were writen by racist white men.

    • Vic Toree says:

      Weapon modifications alone don’t turn a good shoot into a bad shoot and vice versa.

      Because it’s the most commonly brought up example – the PHX/Mesa cop with the moto phrase on the dust cover was in trouble because it was already a questionable shoot. It was also ultimately ruled inadmissible. He also ultimately acquitted if I remember correctly.

      If you can cite case law to the contrary I’d be happy to learn, but no one’s ever able to.