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Arc’teryx Updates LEAF Website


The full 2018 line is there. Check it out at leaf.arcteryx.com.


10 Responses to “Arc’teryx Updates LEAF Website”

  1. Dan says:


    Picked up the Cold WX Parka SVX today, was -28c in Calgary, about -18 fahrenheit.

    The Parka is extremely warm, expensive, and warm

  2. Baldrick says:

    Was hoping the new Naga pullover would come in gray as well…may have to go for black

  3. Lagrandeimage says:

    No more gloves? Where did they go?

    • SSD says:

      Gloves are gone. May come back in the out years. And by out years, that’s out past 2020.

      • Lagrandeimage says:

        Thanks for the reply and info.

        Does seem a bit odd for Arc’teryx not to carry gloves though but then they probably have a good reason.

  4. Bäck says:

    I find it weird that the extreme cold weather parka doesn’t have external pockets big enough for gloves. Guess it’s for door gunners and such, I have a hard time seeing the worth of bringing something like that on a dismounted patrol.

    • SSD says:

      The parka does have pockets, but if you’re in the environment where you’ll need this, you’ll be wearing tethered gloves, or more likely mittens and not stuffing them in pockets.

      • Bäck says:

        Well last years coldest night that I was out working was -36°C/-32.8°F.. tethered gloves work fine but being able to stow them allows for them to not get filled with snow depending on what you are doing. It’s also fairly common to stash warmer mittens and hats in the pockets of a garment such as this, so that when you stop for a break and don your static gear you have everything in one place. Any idea why it is offered in grey instead of a colour with better signature management? I’m sure it’s a great piece of kit and I’m sure it fills a niche, I’m just trying to wrap my Swedish winter soldier head around some of the features.

  5. AJB says:

    Anyone know which brand the white snowsuit on pic 14/14 on the LEAF website of the Cold WX SVX jacket?

    Thanks in advance