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MagPump Launches NEW 9mm Magazine Loader for 2018

Magpump 9mm

Henrietta, NY (January, 2018)—MagPump, LLC announces the fastest and most reliable 9mm magazine loader available on the market today. The new MagPump 9mm Luger Magazine Loader will reduce loading time by more than 50%, and will eliminate hand fatigue caused by repetitive magazine loading.

The 9mm magazine loader is available in two models; the standard model- designed and constructed of lightweight and durable polymer, and the ELITE model- CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet and black anodized with laser engraving.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., the new 9mm loader uses a 50-round capacity hopper, includes six retainers that adapt to various magazine brands and offers built-in safeties to prevent damaging ammunition during the loading process.

“All of our magazine loaders greatly benefit military personnel, law enforcement, shooting competitors, and gun enthusiasts. MagPump is an effective tool that easily, quickly and properly loads magazines,” said Garret Armstrong, MagPump Chief Marketing Officer.

The new MagPump 9mm Luger Magazine Loader is compatible with double-stacked magazines for the following handgun models:

SIG—320, P224, P226, P228, P229, P250, SP2022, 2340, 2009

Glock—Glock 17, Glock 17L, Glock 18, Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 34

Springfield—XD double stack magazines, XD mod. 2 double stack magazines

Smith & Wesson M&P—All double stack M&P 9mm magazines


Ruger—SR9, SR9c, 9E


9mm Luger—$149.99

9mm Luger ELITE—$699.99 Price to be determined shortly

“This is a better and faster way,” said Kyle Lamb, founder and CEO of Viking Tactics. “If you are a serious shooter, the MagPump is an absolute necessity.”

In addition to the new 9mm magazine loader, MagPump also offers models for AK47 and AR15 magazines.

For more information about MagPump and its products or to place an order online, visit


4 Responses to “MagPump Launches NEW 9mm Magazine Loader for 2018”

  1. SShink says:

    Henrietta Hots for lunch?

  2. Dellis says:

    For me, IMHO, this is a definite luxury item and no way in hell I’ll get that in my already stuffed range bag!

    My wife showed me a $1000 automated clothes folder last night. Very cool to watch it fold clothes but talk about lazy. The moment it breaks down…so now you expect me to fold clothes?