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Salomon Announces The Guardian, an AR 670-1 Compliant Boot

As long as US service members have worn Salomon shoes, there have been complaints that they can’t wear them in garrison. Almost two years ago, Salomon began working on a new high leg boot that would answer these concerns. The new Guardian was designed from the ground up to be in compliance with the US Army’s regulation concerning the wear and appearance of uniforms, AR 670-1.

Offered in US sizes 5-15, the Guardian is 8″ tall and made from Coyote Brown rough out leather. It’s a lightweight shoe, at just 25 oz for a US 9. It features the Salomon Contagrip outsole features larger lugs designed to provide more penetrating grip as well as more contact with the ground to prevent slippage. The base of the boot is constructed with an EVA Molded Midsole and a protective cup-sole. A strong break in the heel of the sole should also help with climbing.

While the styling is definitely Salomon, it’s not so much that it would be considered faddish. For instance, they’ve utilized traditional eyelets and barrel lacing and toned down the side markings.

Additionally, the Guardian is TAA compliant. That means, although it wasn’t made in the US, it was manufactured in a Trade Act compliant country. This opens new options for procurement. What’s more, Salomon tells me this is the first boot in what will be a series of AR 670-1 compliant boots.

Coming March, 2018 from or your favorite Salomon Forces dealer.

11 Responses to “Salomon Announces The Guardian, an AR 670-1 Compliant Boot”

  1. KHJ says:

    This is fantastic. However I still plan on wearing their Forces Line 8” jungle boots whether my command likes it or not.

  2. xdarrows says:

    How does it compare to the Jungle Ultra … or to other boots, in general?

  3. JackC says:

    What a huge win. Glad to see Salomon is responding to its mil customers.

  4. Bobby davro says:

    That’s it, all the low drag high speed super soldiers will be looking for a new brand now that everyone can wear Salomon

    • Kev says:

      I know you’re making a funny but that’s literally the attitude Kyle defoor had on a P&S podcast.

  5. Eric says:

    Need to see some sage green

  6. straps says:

    And here I was getting ready to knuckle under and buy a pair of Nikes.

    Thank you, Salomon!