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World’s lightest two man tent

With a race weight of a mere 490 grams Lofoten is probably the lightest tent in the world – and with a pack size of only 11×22 cm it is definitely the smallest when packed! Tipping the scale for a fully functional two-layer tent the bar has once again been pushed for light weight enthusiasts.

For the modern trekker or adventurer the gear you bring along needs to be small, light – and fully functional. The new ultralight weight Lofoten tent from Nordisk meets all of those demands.

Lofoten is a complete two-layer tent with both durable and weather resistant flysheet and a breathable inner tent. The race weight is 490 grams but the complete weight including the bonus pack is 565 grams.

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2 Responses to “High Angle Solutions – Nordisk”

  1. Ken Galbraith says:

    Love the looks and functionality of these tent designs. With a small modification, I could use the Oppland 3 model year round with a wood stove. Any actual US distributors, or are these only available as a UK/Europe – US high-cost shipping option?