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Jason Knight to Join the Winkler Knives Team

Earlier Today, Winkler Knives released this statement.

Daniel Winkler’s and Karen Shook’s hope is that Winkler Knives will continue producing high performance edged tools for people who really need them for many decades, if not centuries, to come. To this end, they asked Master Bladesmith Jason Knight to join the Winkler Knives team. The three have been friends since the early 1990’s, when Jason Knight was a teenager and Karen and Daniel were not. Knight’s creative genius and knife making expertise are perfect complements to Winker Knives’ manufacturing capabilities. His (comparative) youthfulness means continuation of the standards of excellence for which Winkler Knives is known. Karen refers to the working relationship between Daniel Winkler and Jason Knight as the “Merging of Masters.” Both Master Bladesmiths have a reputation for originality and blade integrity that has brought them international acclaim. The two have the skill, expertise and vision to translate the nuances of their hand forged blades to the Winkler Knives Collection.

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