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2018 Crye Precision Catalog



11 Responses to “2018 Crye Precision Catalog”

  1. straps says:

    Static Line Ops? Seriously?

    OK, sorry, back under my bridge I go…

  2. Madman says:

    So the G4 line wont be in the multicam colorways?

    Does this mean there not gonna discontinue the G3 line?

    or does this mean bad news ahead?

    • Madman says:

      The newer multicam colorways*

    • SSD says:

      G3 is going away. Don’t expect Crye to stock G4 in Tropical or Arid. However, they’ll be available if customers order them. When I say customers, I mean contract level, not ones and twos.

    • Mark says:

      Disappointingly, I noticed that they didn’t have Extra Long lengths listed in the G4 clothing line.

      I am hoping maybe that this was an oversight in the document text, and not the reality.

      If so, however, then I will need to stock up on Extra Long G3 pants, before they pull the plug on them.

      • Mark says:

        To clarify, I was referring to the apparent lack of extra long lengths (as well as the other Multicam colorways) in the FIELD clothing line.

        I see that these sizes and patterns are still going to be available in the Combat lines.

        • Mark says:

          Oh wait, or is that just in the G3 line…which is going away?

          Any idea on when G3 is phasing out?

          I am confused.

          And sad.

      • SSD says:

        With G4 coming they took a hard look at what sells. I’m sure that clothing programs will still get the size runs they request, but Crye won’t be stocking things that don’t sell.

  3. darrel says:

    JPC 1.0 is finally gone as well as the High Back and Low Profile battle belts, among other things.

    I notice that the Maritime AVS isn’t in the catalog while the Maritime JPC is, but the SPC makes the MJPC pretty much irrelevant, doesn’t it? I don’t see how the mesh they use on the MJPC could be any better at shedding water than hypalon, which is hydrophobic anyway.

    On that note the CPC and Chassis are showing their age, they’re probably due for the same treatment, or better yet get rid of the CPC and Chassis entirely and simply offer two new harnesses that are compatible with AVS platebags for those specific applications.

    I think it’s pretty weak that you can have modularity OR load carriage, but not both. The heavy load carriers are stuck in 2012!