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ORWM 18 – The Unbreakable Shovel From DMOS Collective

Although DMOS Collective offers several versions of their Unbreakable Shovel, I’m going to talk about the Stealth model. Manufactured from T6 6061 aluminum, it 3.3lbs.

Above is what it looks like in storage configuration (18″ x 9″ x 2.5″). Below, you see it fully deployed.

The handle telescopes for storage as well as allowing the user to select the proper length (up to 56″) for the job. Additionally, although this image shows a T handle, they also offer a D handle.

They designed it as a snow Shovel but I think it will handle lots of jobs.



5 Responses to “ORWM 18 – The Unbreakable Shovel From DMOS Collective”

  1. Kush says:

    Unbreakable? Give it to a bunch of junior enlisted grunts and they will prove that wrong;)

  2. Vic says:

    But how can it be unbreakable if aluminium snow shovels’ edges get completely destroyed from scraping compacted and frozen over snow from the pavement?
    At least my Fiskars aluminium shovel did. I wonder if Russians make titanium snow shovels.

    • Kit Badger says:

      I spoke with them at SHOT, pretty sure it isn’t for clearing your sidewalk… What I gathered is, it’s for self-recovery. Think getting a stuck vehicle out of snow, mud or sand.

      • Invictus says:

        Yes, these types of folding/collapsible shovels are for avalanche rescue, snowmachine extraction, anywhere you need to move a lot of snow, but don’t have a lot of space available.

    • Chuck says:

      You are correct. My snow shovels do the same. But they aren’t made out of 6061 with a T6. That’s a temper designation which makes the aluminum much stronger than the regular driveway material.