Defoor Proformance Ends Partnership With Raven Concealment System

Defoor Proformance released this statement earlier today.

Defoor Proformance has announced an end to their partnership with Raven Concealment Systems after 6 successful years together. During this time DPS and RCS developed the Eidolon holster, one of the most successful appendix holsters ever produced.

“While I greatly enjoyed my time with Raven it’s time for DPS to move forward toward other goals in line with our current and future client base. My staff and I wish RCS the best on their future endeavors and thank them for the opportunity they provided DPS”, said VP Kyle Defoor.

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3 Responses to “Defoor Proformance Ends Partnership With Raven Concealment System”

  1. JM Gavin says:

    Any way we could have a little more context as to why Mr. Defoor and RCS have parted ways? Otherwise this has zero significance to me as a consumer.

  2. David H. Roberson says:

    If it was an amicable parting it would have been done quietly. The fact that there’s a public announcement means that at least one party is aggrieved or else wants to hurt the other.