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New Beez Combat Systems Custom Body Armor Carrier Form

The new Custom Body Armor Carrier Form includes the following :

-Custom GRID (laser cut)

-cummerbund attachment systems – First Spear Tubes or ROC80

-3Dmesh or HEXCEL

If you need a custom Plate Carrier or Body Armor Carrier, send us an email. We will see if we can make it happen.

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13 Responses to “New Beez Combat Systems Custom Body Armor Carrier Form”

  1. Andrew says:

    Let me get this straight – from what cat blaster just posted…. First Spear has the Patent on laser cut MOLLE? What am I missing? If they do, then they must be making a killing on the new Army MSV 2.0 contract!

    • cat blaster says:


      • Andrew says:

        SSD – thoughts on this as it relates to the industry…… Now that MSV 2.0 is official with laser cut MOLLE – I feel everyone will jump on board and adopt it. However if FS has the patent, then there’s going to be some soon to be rich lawyers out there….

  2. jbgleason says:

    All I know is that I tried to do business with these guys two years ago and couldn’t get them to return a phone call or email. Spent the better part of a month filling out their form and emailing it multiple times, calling and leaving messages before I just gave up on them. Guess they didn’t want my money.

  3. EODFish says:

    We got some custom BALCS carriers done for our current deployment and Beez was painless to work with. They have some odd design features that I wanted to avoid and they let us piecemeal the rig together from what they offer without charging much, if any, additional fees.