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Corps Strength – Raise The (Your) Bar

The recent release of President Trump’s annual physical caused quite a stir, (as everything related to the President seems too). The official result was that his overall health was rated as “excellent”. During the oral debrief, the doctor also said that the President had inherited some “great genes”. You can read the official report for yourself here: Trump Physical. After it came out, there was a lot of statements from various doctors and other medical specialists disputing the conclusions of those results. Many raised the opinion that rating the Presidents overall health as excellent was extremely optimistic, considering his being very overweight and less than ideal blood test numbers. There were many others who seriously doubted that he weighed in at the reported 239lbs and in fact was probably at least 250lbs, or even much heavier. I tend to agree there, having see him close up myself, as I thought he looks much heavier in person than what was listed. But, who knows, maybe they took off 20lbs for his wallet? In any case, no disrespect, I wish him a long life and best of health for him and our country.

Politics aside, lets just look at the facts (not alternative facts), that we do know. The President doesn’t exercise, though he does golf a lot. However, he always rides in a cart while playing. I heard him say once: “Walking on the gold course is too slow”. True, but riding in a cart does take away the only part of golfing you could realistically call exercise, which is the walking. On other hand his eating habits have been well reported (and boasted about by him), and are about as bad as it gets, with diet soda and fast food being the mainstays. On the positive side, the President has never drank alcohol or smoked in his life and those two good habits have no doubt gone a long way to keeping him as healthy as he is. Also, realistically compared to the rest of us, he’s had a pretty easy life, having never served in the military, or did any other manual labor. Plus, it goes without saying he’s never worried about health care costs, paying the bills, kids college, etc. Though, I’m sure he had plenty of other mental stress over the years running his business empire, especially when going bankrupt several times. However, to me he most interesting thing about President Trump’s health and/or fitness, is that while he makes no pretense of trying to eat right, or exercise, still brags about his great health and energy? Presidents Bush, Obama and even Clinton did demonstrate some actual effort (and a little humility) in that area. Remember the tapes of Clinton jogging to McDonald’s? I think this weird bluster on the President’s part speaks in part to what people actually think (and accept) of what’s considered excellent health and fitness nowadays. In other words, the bar is set pretty low.


I’m sure many people reading this would think, “Hey I would like to be as healthy as him when I’m 71”. Ok, but I’m not one of them, as I for one would feel pretty shitty if I was for all practical (and optical) purposes obese and was limited with just playing golf as my only physical activity. I think that the vast majority of people (even those like myself that aren’t rich or famous), can do better, and should expect to do much better. Take the example of Yuichiro Miura, who scaled Mt Everest at the age of 80. In fact he scaled Everest three times, all over the age of 70. Or 73 year old South African Otto Thaning, who became the oldest person to swim the English Channel in 2014. Or for a more recent example; Gary Patton (note the picture) who this past Dec set the world (over age 70) indoor mile record, running a 5:21 at age 71! Now these are extreme examples (there are many more) of some extraordinary physical accomplishments by people around President Trump’s age and older. I get that not very many people want to do those things (just like I never wanted to be president), at any age. I also get that playing golf, mowing your lawn and/or sitting in a soft chair watching TV is many people’s old age fantasy, but not everyones, certainly not mine. IMO there is a much better happy medium between the sedentary and physically limited old age stereotype, and extreme physical examples like those mentioned above and getting yourself to that sweet spot, is more about mindset and effort than just “great genes”.

My simple point here is not to be deceived that being very overweight and just being able to play a round of golf represents excellent health at age 71, or age for that matter. A consistent plan of REAL exercise combined with a diet made up of simple foods in the right amounts, can keep help you very healthy, get your weight right and ramp up your fitness to what ever level your goals may take you. We are all going to eventually take the dirt nap, as dying is as much a part of life as being born. However, rather than sitting around watching cable and tweeting about politics, I would rather go out like multiple marathon age group record holder Ed Whitlock, who after running a new world record marathon of less than four hours at the age 85, died six months later in his sleep. After living a long life, literally in the fast lane, he is now the perfect example of resting in peace. Till next month:

“Be safe always, be good when you can.”

Semper Fi



29 Responses to “Corps Strength – Raise The (Your) Bar”

  1. SamHill says:

    I can understand why you decided to use President Trump as your example of what is accepted for great health in America. I can not understand why you wrote “politics aside” then continued on with subtle digs about Trump’s personal finances before presidency, his health care obligations, his tweeting habits etc. Basically, many of the corny late night host anti-Trump talking points.

    I normally really enjoy your articles and even bought your book after reading some but, if this is you dipping your toe into jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon, I suggest that you risk alienating yourself from many patriotic Americans that don’t give a crap what President Trump eats. I care that President trump respects our people in uniform, and wants to fix some politician related things for our country. That is it. And that is enough for me. I do not look to Trump for fitness advice. For that, I look to guys like you, and now here we are, talking Trump.

    America hired Trump as a politician, not to represent us in the team USA fitness competition. You are comparing a fat old rich dude, to the best examples of physical fitness than you can come up with. Again, I get why you initially used him as an example of American low fitness standards, I just wish you wouldn’t have let your politics saturate your entire article in a forum where realistic, patriotic Americans aren’t looking to our politicians for physical fitness standards, nor are we looking to our physical fitness gurus for politics.

    Take care.

    • CV76 says:

      SamHill, I concur completely with your assessment of this article. I also purchased MGUNZ book and I appreciate his perspective on fitness but do not require a lecture on POTUS with snide commentary about his finances, etc. Move out.

    • 9Baller says:

      Judging the President’s fitness isn’t unpatriotic unless you’re living in a place like North Korea.

      • lcpl1066 says:

        Bush and Obama, like many many presidents in the past, both made efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is well known that they enjoyed challenging people to light hearted athletic contests such as bike or foot races and basketball games. They certainly didn’t always look good doing it, but their attitudes were in the right place. It isn’t partisan to say that leaders should take care of their body. Master Guns has been talking about this for years.

      • SamHill says:

        Interesting, 9Baller. What are your insights on North Koreans’ reading comprehension levels?

        I did not say the author of the article was unpatriotic.

        I said patriotic Americans are sick of anti-Trump jabs being injected into every facet of our lives. In this case, we came for workout advice from someone many of us respect in that field and somehow, received clearly unrelated commentary including civilian Trump going bankrupt.

        If I want an anti-Trump laden variety show I’ll tune in to the view or Steven Colbert. ( I do not.) If I want work out advice I search for someone who is clearly capable in their field and stays on topic.

    • TominVA says:

      Sam, peace. MGunz wasn’t really gunning for POTUS. And he’s right. Trump looks terrible!

      I think the point is that while some folks get to use there bodies for a playground and die in their sleep at 95 – and Trump may be one of them – most of us don’t and we should be mindful of that.

    • Dude says:

      All politics aside… I we can all agree that there are different levels of “fitness”. MGUNZ does a good job of covering that in his posts. I think back to some his posts where he described rucking and climbing a mountain at his age and was impressed. We all know that you can be really strong (weightlifting/powerlifting) or you can have incredible endurance (marathoner/triathlete) or you can find a balance. However, I would like to know how well someone like MGUNZ could hang with POTUS during one week on the campaign trail (2016). Public speaking, traveling, minimal sleep, limited personal time, engaging with the public and various public figures requires a certain level of stamina. Different type of “fitness”. Jus’ sayin’

    • Northeast_Major_City says:

      If you’re not from the city where you have personally witnessed Trump’s con Man and illegal antics for over a half century… the “anti-Trump bandwagon” is a bitter pill to swallow for some.
      Thank goodness the end will coming.

      • SamHill says:

        Is that a religious prophesy or like one of those ANTIFA threats or what?
        Hillary 2020 slogan? Serious question.

      • Stefan S. says:

        Illegal antics? Least Trump never hung our guys out to dry in Benghazi. or stole millions while Sec of State and her “foundation”. I’ll take a NYC tycoon over anyone named Clinton, Warren or Pelosi. Oh, and I was from the city where….Upper East side Manhattan.

        • Northeast_Major_City says:

          I never set a foot on “the Upper East Side”… they don’t clean up after their dogs up there.
          The carnival barker will be gone soon.

  2. Dellis says:

    I now firmly believe that all out physical fit freaks, those wanting minus body fat %, are doing harm to themselves later in life and also those sitting all day eating deep friend krispy kreme sugar wafers, washed down with a Big Gulp are cutting their later years off as well.

    It seems the sweet spot is getting both worlds. Good cardio, stretching, healthy diet and stress reducing rest.

    • TominVA says:

      I heard a long time ago they – you know, “they” – did a study about the effects of attending ranger school and concluded that it could take years off the back end of your life. Probably bogus, but you do have to wonder if the hardcore approach and events like ranger school don’t take some kind of toll over the long run.

      • P.J. says:

        If not actual years of being alive it seems like it would certainly take away from quality of life in later years. Blown out knees will do that.

  3. 45Cdo says:

    You lost your audience when politics never went aside after you said ” Politics aside”

    • Thomas_67 says:

      What was “political” about mentioning that trump (boasted about by him) doesn’t get any real exercise, or that he eats junk food. Seems to me that you wouldn’t be lost if your reading comprehension wasn’t so poor.

  4. One Charlie Three says:

    I don’t know the SSD contributors policies, or really who runs SSD. I just come here for awesome reviews, updates, and insight from professionals on areas that interest me. I thought SSD preferred to remain apolitical, they were very adamant about not politicizing things when the Team Wendy/Hillary Clinton thing was the story of the day.

    But then I open up the site after a night shift and see this. I don’t have a problem with the open discussion of the POTUS’ physical health. That’s not unpatriotic.

    But the inserted tired and false jives at his financial incompetence, the fact that he had no worries about paying bills because he is rich, etc. Which one is it? How did he pay for everything if he has no idea how to run a business? OH he received an inheritance! Then he must have squandered it! No, he actually increased it 20 fold. But those little facts don’t support your preconceived agenda so we will leave those out and just hope the reader glosses over the lacking logic.

    Makes me wonder if you’ll even be able to read this, or will the admin filter it out as political squabble.

  5. Alex says:

    Ugh people whining because you mentioned the financial issues of Trump. Let’s get something straight you were perfectly right to do so when talking about health. Stress in all forms plays a huge role in overall well being and can do everything from augment vitals such as blood pressure to change brain chemistry and weight retention. An event such as a bankruptcy and the stress associated with it most certainly will produce negative effects that could be long term. (Side note) I even included analysis of negative and positive stress in my combat first aid courses for my guys. Anyway, Add to that an unhealthy lifestyle and your result in most cases is increased incidents of controllable diseases such as diabetes. Former presidents on both sides definitely presented better role models of healthy life styles and as an influential figure in our society that should be something on the mind of a leader. I found your analysis to be overall correct and well founded even if some other could not/did not want to think critically. Keep on writing as the service is appreciated at least by this patriotic medic/rifle jockey.

    • Giovani says:

      MGunz had an opportunity to dive into exactly what you’re talking about here. Too many people fail to see the connection between wealth and health.

      Good article-our leaders should be held to a higher standard when it comes to all factors-that includes their ability to take care of themselves on a physical level.

  6. Mac says:

    After 11 years as an 0317 & 0321 and an EAS as a Marine SNCO, the last person I want giving me advice is a Marine SNCO.

    Thanks for the dishonorable condescension towards the commander-in-chief.

    Semper Fi
    S Sgtz

  7. Homer says:

    MGunz’ passive-aggressive dings about wealth, bankruptcy, etc are not necessary. Elections have consequences.

    Don’t like POTUS Trump? Then get out there and win some elections.


  8. Joe says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, guys articles always reek of the type condescending holier than thou jabs that most Cross Fit freaks and many SNCO’s seem to share in common.

  9. Matt says:

    Fitness is an important component of a fully-lived life. It is not the only component, however. Mr. Trump has arguably lived a full life to this point, as measured by accomplishments (imperfect as they/he might be). I will take his slovenliness over Mr. Obama’s fit snideness any day. BTW, Obama smoked, drank alcohol, and had done drugs in the past. How does that factor into fitness, as Trump does not drink, and states he has not done drugs or smoked? I agree it would be better if our leaders led as an example to us in all areas, but that is an unrealistic expectation of any human. I echo the above sentiments of Joe, that often no one seems to be more self-righteous and implicitly arrogant than a fitness buff…except maybe a liberal.

    MGunz…give us info, save the preaching.

  10. txJM says:

    Wanted more insight…checked your Instagram…don’t want any more.

    Your knowledge is overpowered by your poor presentation. Stick to mil apps.

  11. mudd says:

    I’m glad I saw this article in time to cancel the order for 3200 books. Looks like we’ll be handing out leadership vs fitness books this year. Any suggestions for military framed management treatise?

  12. SSD says:

    This is a great place to discuss fitness and nutrition but a poor forum for politics as I’m sure the author has realized.

    Please take the political discussions to your favorite social media platform.