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Johnny Seven OMA

The Johnny Seven OMA with its seven weapons made any kid wielding it a One Man Army.

The US Army has tried several times to integrate such capabilities into a single weapon, but modern helmets have at least caught up to the Johnny 7’s campanion item, the Micr-Helmet with integrated comms.

6 Responses to “Johnny Seven OMA”

  1. Ranger Rick says:

    On my Christmas list baack then as a youngster and still on even today along with Mattel’s Creepy Crawler Thing Maker and Major Matt Mason. So non-PC now, toys from the 60’s and 70’s rocked.

  2. Cyril Figgis says:

    This reminds me of the inihilator 3000 from Beverly Hills cop haha

  3. Dellis says:

    There was a time when toy guns were allowed in my elemantary school. We would go out and play good guys vs bad guys, cowboys vs indians, etc during lunch. This was in sunny California believe it or not!

    You couldn’t get 2 blocks from any school with that “Johnny Seven” today!

    • AbnMedOps says:

      I once inspected JROTC programs in SoCal. Almost every 1930’s “legacy” high school building in California and even New York City had a small-bore rifle range, and the shooting team kids carried their rifles on the bus or subway. The mind reels at how far civilization has been allowed/deliberately caused to collapsed since those days.

  4. Captain Morgan says:

    Very good weapons platform but it needs to take Glock mags. Suggest you also review the Six Finger EDC pistol.