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H&K to Manufacture MR762A1 in New Georgia Factory

According to an InstaGram post, Heckler & Koch plans to manufacture MR762A1 rifles right here in the USA in their new factory in Columbus, Georgia. This is good news indeed.



10 Responses to “H&K to Manufacture MR762A1 in New Georgia Factory”

  1. mudd says:

    New magazine? Not the oversized POS polymer? SR25 format?

  2. Kirk says:

    Y’know… You’d think that H&K would be smart enough to finally “get” that what makes the AR-series of guns so usable/popular/attractive to armies is that the ‘effing things are actually modular, and not proprietary BS. It’s like H&K is playing IBM while the clone industry took off around their architecture, and they just don’t get the point of the whole “field of flowers” environment that the AR-series has going for it.

    I gotta be honest with you–While I have my issues with the design, the whole eco-system approach to the individual weapons question is what is going to make the AR-series the longest-issued weapon in the history of the world. My guess is that it’s going to supplant the Brown Bess for that, and we’ll probably be seeing a derivative version still on issue late into the 21st Century. Hell, maybe into the 22nd, if there aren’t some major materials/energetics developments that come down the pike.

    H&K would do a lot better to get on the bandwagon, dump the proprietary shit, and start making their AR-series offerings fully compatible with the rest of the ecosystem. Had, say, Mauser emulated (and, they kinda-sorta did, to a limited degree…) what has happened with the AR-series, we’d probably have seen even more market penetration then they achieved. Which wasn’t insignificant, but it was a long way from being as widely adopted as a standard as it could have been.

    If I had to guess at it, unless they get the LSAT carbine up and running, we’re probably going to be issuing something that looks like the AR-series for a long time to come. The installed base, at this point? Virtually mandates it, with the rest of the ecosystem that’s going on around it…

    • Rob says:

      But, if they did that, they couldn’t charge $2,500 for a rifle. (I’m being conservative, check gunbroker)

      I honestly feel the same about gas-piston ARs too. While the Sig556 is nice, it’s not “twice the price” nice. (and I can build a direct impingement AR for WAAAAY less than half the price of a Sig 556….)

  3. mudd says:

    Got it.. should of looked at receiver push pins and dimensions.. press release says 762A1, pic shows 5.56

    At least magazine wasn’t in backwards

  4. Roger T says:

    How is the HK416/MR556/HK417/MR762 not modular? They take almost all AR/M4 accessories, optics, etc. There is even a very wide range of aftermarket accessories for the HK parts that aren’t compatible to an M4; Geissele, etc.

    Common sense says there is a reason the HK416 family, and HK417 are becoming basically the worlds new FAL. The list of US and worldwide customers is becoming rather extensive; US Special Operations, USMC Marines, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, UK Special Operations, the list goes on.

  5. nate says:

    I’m waiting to see if they are smart enough to make a free float MLOK forearm to go with their production gun.

  6. Phil says:

    For as much as it costs let’s get a chrome lined barrel