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Saber Solutions M4 Speed Pouch Available for Pre-Order

The Saber Solutions M4 Speed Pouch is designed to facilitate for the quickest speed reload from a carrier-mounted pouch. They accomplish this by positioning the magazine for ergonomic extraction; allowing for a full positive grip, a neutral wrist, increased motion economy, and reduced distance from pouch to mag-well.

The pouch has been tested with USGI, Magpul Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 PMAGs. Pouches are left and right hand specific and utilize FirstSpear 6/9 Technology.

Click here for a demonstration.

They are currently accepting pre-orders for the first production run, consisting of right-hand MultiCam variants. These are expected to ship out in 10-12 weeks.

Pre-orders for left hand models will be announced shortly and the additional colors will be added in the near future. What color would you like to see next?



19 Responses to “Saber Solutions M4 Speed Pouch Available for Pre-Order”

  1. Jordan says:

    What I dont really get about tactical speed accessoires is their claim that they speed up a process, but are not adopted in competitions which are all about speed.

    Seems to be a very niche market they are catering to.

  2. CVPD167 says:

    So for most CQB the answer to a rifle speed reload is the pistol. For traditional infantry combat nobody has the luxury of a huge footprint, dedicated rifle speed reload pouch. This is built for exactly who and exactly what? Airsoft? Mil sim gun gamers? Police units need that top portion of the PC for identification so it only is .mil or civilians? I’m not trying to be negative, I’m legitimately interested in what problem the designers were attempting to solve and for what market.

    • Alex says:

      Great points and the ID issue with LE was considered. These were made for Federal LE or LE that are not required to have the complete top portion dedicated to identifiers or can run smaller identification patches on the top right or left corners.

      • CVPD167 says:

        I’m in Federal LE and trust me, we need the same large footprint for identifiers. Case law is case law.

        Now that I’ve heard the response, the short answer is this appears to be a solution that is lacking a problem.

        I agree with SLG, upside down is rarely right. I still see it with students at our basic course and they are politely but firmly told it is bad idea jeans.

        Good luck on your project, no ill will meant.

    • Alex says:

      We are also working on another variant with velcro on the front of the pouch for smaller ID patches .

  3. zach says:

    I can’t wait to see cool guys speed reload with this mounted to a slick plate carrier on Instagram.

  4. Mike says:

    Sure seems like it would get in the way of any other mag pouches on a plate carrier, unless that’s the ONLY mag pouch on the carrier.

    • Alex says:

      We built this for those that don’t need a full load out. You can fit two M4 speed pouches or have a traditional double M4 pouch in the open space for a minimum of 3 magazines in front.

  5. dum dum says:

    Finally a dedicated beer can pouch

  6. d says:

    The upside-down pouch with a bungee retention is faster than an open-top pouch in conventional orientation? Put it on the clock.

    This is why I like shot timers. We can be objective with things like this.

  7. SLG says:

    Absolute speed is rarely the issue, but upside down is almost always wrong. And it’s slower too. I’ve seen some guys in the last few years running mags in a similar way. None of them are what I would consider particularly skilled.

    • Alex says:

      I can see what you’re getting at and I agree speed is rarely an issue. I think the by-product of our pouch is that you do see an increase in speed.

      I also agree on the statement of >>fixed position, vertical,<< up-side down mags being slow and almost always wrong. However our pouch is more than set upside down. I decided on producing a left and right hand model because the angle is a crucial point in the pouch in combination with the articulating base.

      The angle of which you carry out a reload with our pouch is akin to that of a redi-mag or redi-mod where the magazine is already lined up for a smoother transition into the magwell from the pouch.

  8. Thomasjane says:

    But.. but.. where will I put my chest mounted pistol?

  9. Alex says:

    Everyone, I appreciate the feedback and concerns. We will definitely try to get a video coming with a comparison between an open top mag pouch. We are in the process of getting film permission from a local range.

    We differentiate our “upside down pouch” by allowing it to articulate and having it set at the angle. This primes the magazine to be parallel to the mag-well in both the vertical and horizontal plane. This in turn reduces the motion needed to execute a reload and a more accurate and natural motion into the mag-well. In addition the distance is reduced greatly to get the magazine to the weapon.

    Third, with a traditional open top pouch, one is required to pull the magazine out, lower the magazine while flipping it over to orientate the magazine. I saw a way to remove the extraneous movement and to streamline/simplify the process in order to create a more natural movement.

  10. Ty says:

    A company called PFC Loadout has been selling a similar product for a while now.

    A combo of a HSGI Taco and Gear Disc: