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Charity MASF (Modern American Shooting & Firearms) Ends Its 6 1/2 Year Run

U.S.A. –-( After six years as a charity, Modern American Shooting & Firearms (MASF) is closing their doors.

MASF was a nonprofit educational organization (501.c3) located in Northern Virginia that had the goal of making gun education accessible to all people regardless of their financial situation and ability to pay. MASF believed that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their family, and purchasing a gun is only the first step. The second phase is seeking out a reputable trainer.

The group helped train people in the proper mindset of carrying a firearm along with gun safety and shooting skills by bringing in top trainers at little to no cost to the student.

They also worked to spread the value of the Second Amendment and gun ownership. MASF was a big proponent of carrying a firearm every day once adequately trained.

According to MASF President Baraka James, they are retiring the charity to focus time on a once weekly podcast that on the Firearms Radio Network called Civilian Carry Radio.

According to Baraka Ulrich James, he believes he can use this method to spread the message better as to what it means to be a gun owner as well as the Second Amendment, gun safety, and overall firearms education. The show tackles these issues from a civilian’s point of view.

Civilian Carry Radio – @CC_Radio2A – on the Firearms Radio Network. Our website is here via the Firearms Radio Network –

This podcast focuses on the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset.

Hosted by Baraka Ulrich James with co-hosts Allen Sams and Karie Thomas, sponsored competitive shooter.

Our goal is spreading the message to everyday people on the importance of the 2nd amendment and firearms education, mindset, safety and training.

Below for your reference are some names that you may recognize that have appeared on our show thus far and have agreed to come back on with us again later in 2018:

Pat McNamara, Super Dave Harrington, Tom Givens, Michael Green ,Chris Costa, Steve Fisher, Darryl Bolke, Wayne Dobbs, Steve Tarani, Ian Harrison, Chris Cheng, Dr. William April, Dave Spaulding, Craig Douglas, Aaron Cowan, Ryan Cleckner, Paul Sharp, John Murphy, Kerry Davis, Claude Warner, Alex Hartmann, Andrew Branca ESQ., Spencer Keepers, Garry Marr, Cecil Burch, Varg Freeborn, Annette Evans, Kelly D. Venden, Benjamin and  Rachael Dewalt, Gabe White, Chris Fry, Marshall Chuck Haggard, Maj Toure,  Rick Largesse and many more that you can find all on our YouTube Channel,  iHeartRadio or iTunes via the link below.

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3 Responses to “Charity MASF (Modern American Shooting & Firearms) Ends Its 6 1/2 Year Run”

  1. LowSpeed says:

    This seems like a good effort but will go nowhere but our own echo chamber if we (in the audience) don’t share the content with our friends outside the 2A community.

    Be polite. Be patient. It’s ok to get a little passionate or emotional but keep it in check. Ease people into this content if you hope to persuade anymore people to at the very least understand.

    Nothing worse than preaching to the choir.

    Shouting “2A!” or “God Given Right!” or “defense against tyranny!” is not persuading enough people in the face of bullet riddled children.

  2. Bill says:

    “Shouting “2A!” or “God Given Right!” or “defense against tyranny!” is not persuading enough people in the face of bullet riddled children.”

    Very cogent point.

    • LowSpeed says:

      I don’t like it either Bill. But it’s evident every day that those points, all great, are not working, especially after high profile tragedies. We can shake our heads in disgust and stick to the same points…or attempt to sway people with better/different arguments and a series of content that over time brings at least some around to our perspective or at the very least improve the discourse that to some degree informs policy.