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Flame Resistant Apparel Experts, Massif, release a new short film – The Massif Story: Keep Going

Ashland, OR (03/06/2018) – Massif, a world-leader in Flame Resistant apparel for the U.S. Military, Wildland Firefighters, the SAR community and more, is excited to announce the release of their video-short, The Massif Story: Keep Going. Ashland, Oregon’s Jared Cruce Studio made the five-minute film, the first of a three-part series.

The intent behind the project is to broaden Massif’s brand vision, explain the company’s history, and their unique symbiosis with Antex Knitting Mills, and Matchmaster Dyeing and Finishing in Los Angeles. This partnership puts them in a strong position within the Flame Resistant Manufacturing industry that the competition can’t match. Daniel Tenenblatt, Executive V.P. at Massif, talks about the early days of Massif and Antex. “One of the founders of Massif flew down for the day from Ashland, with just a backpack. No one at Antex knew who he was. He had a great idea, saying,” “we’re going to make flame resistant garments and we’re going to sell them to the military.”

Antex/Matchmaster’s long history in the apparel industry, their solid circular knitting and finishing knowledge, and key abilities, paired with Massif’s outdoor and protective apparel experience since 1999, does indeed make them a hot commodity in the FR gear space. Steve Tacy, Director of Textiles and Technology points out in the film that, “Massif was founded based on fundamental principles, that there was a way to bridge the gap between world-class outdoor apparel and fully flame protective gear for the U.S. military.”

Massif began when a couple of SAR guys working in the Grand Tetons, were unhappy with their FR gear. It was bulky, uncomfortable, and lacked the performance characteristics they needed to do their jobs properly. So, out of a garage in a small Southern Oregon town, they decided to make their own gear and Massif has grown from those modest beginnings to one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of high-end flame-resistant gear. Noelle Christensen, GM added in the film, “We learned from the outdoor industry and took those ideas and improved the performance of the fabrics and showed the military there was a way to make the gear better.”

The remainder of 2018 will bring two more short films from Massif and Jared Cruce Studio as the two work jointly to increase Massif’s brand awareness and gain momentum for 2019 and the company’s twenty year anniversary.


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