National K9 Veterans Day

5 Responses to “National K9 Veterans Day”

  1. Will Rodriguez says:


    Anyone who has come home to a dog would understand the sentiment, “If only we could be the person our dog thinks we are.”

    Dogs have been by our sides for millenia. Through peace and war they have served us more faithfully than our peers. It’s great to have a day to celebrate that.

    • Will Rodriguez says:


    • Erik says:

      Very true. I read somewhere about locking your wife and a dog in a car trunk for an hour and see who’s more excited to see you after you let them out.

      For the record, I do have a wife and a dog, and have not tried this with either of them, so your mileage may vary.

  2. Tony says:

    I wonder what the seal on that K9 mask is like over all that fur