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Imminent Threat Solutions – SPIE Pouch

The ITS SPIE Pouch (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) provides a compact and versatile carrying method for your escape and evasion kit.


Whether your insertion is simply getting back into the door you just locked yourself out of, or your extraction is escaping from illegal restraint during a home invasion scenario, the SPIE Pouch has you covered.

The SPIE Pouch can be simply slipped into a pocket, routed horizontally on a belt through the elastic closure loops, or mounted vertically on a belt to facilitate working out of the pouch by pulling off the lower elastic loop (see photos).


The unique pouch design combines nylon webbing and elastic to create a very low-profile storage solution. Various stitched elastic-storage pockets allow you to easily organize tools so they’re easy to locate and access.


While designed to hold the contents of the SPIE Kit (available as an add on product) the SPIE Pouch is only limited by your imagination. It’s available in Black, Coyote and MultiCam, the ITS SPIE Pouch is handmade in the USA from Berry compliant materials.



5 Responses to “Imminent Threat Solutions – SPIE Pouch”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    I’ll be honest, I really want one of these. But then after I have one it won’t satiate my appetite… …I’ll just then be really wanting someone to abduct me.

  2. Michael Mccollum says:

    Fairly certain lockpicks and handcuff keys are supposed to be hidden. Not stashed in a designated pouch with the rest of my evasion kit. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention in evasion phase of SERE school.

  3. Jungle says:

    It’s nbd.. but spie is special patrol insertion extraction system.

  4. Dellis says:

    Very cool…I like its small space on the belt. Also, speaking of belts, not sure who the model was for this but it’s time for a new belt.

  5. JB says:

    ITS gets more of my money. These are selling out fast, already out of black.