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Armageddon Gear – Tacticooler

With all of the brouhaha surrounding coolers, we thought we’d show you an option from a company which is dedicated to the Second Amendment as well as supports the armed professional.

Meet the Tacticooler from Armageddon Gear.

It’s made with the same high-tech reflective insulation they use in their US Army issued P.U.S.S. Pad, It can be used as a dove stool, a gear bucket, or better yet, a beer bucket. Take it on the golf course to regain some of the man points you lost with those plaid pants and keep your cold ones frosty. It even has an expandable mesh pocket to lovingly cradle your balls. The Tacticooler is perfect for the back of the pickup, the deck of your fishing boat, or on the rack of the four wheeler for a day in the mud bog. Simply add ice and refreshments to the 5-gallon bucket (Bucket not pictured, but included with purchase!) into the Tacticooler and voila, ‘Merica!

Can be custom embroidered with your business logo, CB handle, Tinder username, favorite sports team, or just about anything else. Contact us for embroidery specifics. Like everything Armageddon Gear makes, the Tacticooler is proudly manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA!


2 Responses to “Armageddon Gear – Tacticooler”

  1. TominVA says:

    I guess Yeti’s are apparatibus non grata right now?

  2. Stone11C says:

    For good reason…but damnit, now I’ve got to find a new drink cup!