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NRAAM 18 – Franklin Armory CSW

Although I just learned about it yesterday, the Franklin Armory CSW has been out for quite sometime. I’m just surprised it hasn’t been more popular as the most common reaction to goofy gun laws it to stick it to the man by finding a legal way around the poorly crafted legislation. In this case, we’ll call it the “Crew Served Weapon” loophole.

Franklin Armory created the CSW specifically in response to California gun laws. The AR pattern weapon’s stock is replaced with the CSW assembly. Because of the CSW’s configuration, it isn’t classified as a rifle, pistol, shotgun, or AOW. What’s more, it’s not an “assault weapon” either. This means no bullet button, or other accommodations.

The spade grip design has independent triggers on each grip but the original fire control group is retained. Because the linkage attaches directly to the trigger, the rate of fire is not artificially increased. This means it is not classified as a “multiburst trigger activator.”  

Now, can you imagine adding a belt fed semi upper to the CSW?

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One Response to “NRAAM 18 – Franklin Armory CSW”

  1. Matt says:

    Belted upper, binary trigger call it the NMG (not machine gun) the NFA is pointless