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High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Montane Super Terra Pant Tactical

Following two years of development Montane are pleased to announce that the first style in their new tactical range is now available.  The intent was to produce a tight range that had its roots in the best elements of the Montane civilian outdoor clothing.  Montane have established an excellent reputation for producing innovative and functional designs that are exactly what you need when you are in the hills and mountains.

The Tactical version of the Super Terra Pant has some significant differences to its civilian counterpart.  These changes reflect the needs of this particular user group and the pressures that are put upon individuals operating in challenging environments.  This has resulted in a product that is designed to work alongside climbing equipment and allow a full range of motion without compromising on robustness.

Over the next few weeks it will be joined by a line of focused products specifically tailored to operating in mountain environments.  All these products can be accessed by getting in touch with the team at Brigantes who are happy to offer support and advice from their team of experts.

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  1. Great Company, fantastic end user centered staff.