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All-New Rifle Brass Line Introduced by Gunwerks

For over a decade Gunwerks has established a reputation for delivering the best long range shooting solutions on the market. Now they’ve engineered and introduced a new line of premium rifle brass to match.

“Engineering our own brass achieves a few goals,” said James Christiansen, Gunwerks COO. “First, it will improve quality and consistency. We have always sought out the best components available for our loaded ammunition. With this move, we can more tightly control tolerances and quality to produce the best brass and ammunition available.”

“This will also reduce component cost on brass, which will allow us to pass savings on to our customers, in the form of component brass for reloaders and loaded ammunition for our customers and precision shooters,” Christiansen continued. “It’s a win-win for all of us.”

Designed as the perfect brass for precision shooters, this cartridge brass features extreme consistency lot to lot and extremely tight tolerances. Optimized case walls and primer pockets afford high brass life for maximum number of reloads possible and uniform flash holes provide consistent ignition and low extreme spreads.

“Consistency is key,” said Mike Davidson, Director of Manufacturing Operations at Gunwerks. “Precision shooters and reloaders need components that eliminate or minimize variables in the equation. This new brass will produce the most consistent ammo available either in our Gunwerks loaded ammo or in your own hand loads. We don’t cut corners, so you know if we’re loading it in our own ammo, it’s good stuff.”

Gunwerks brass is available in quantities of 100 from www.gunwerks.com/brass and comes in a zippered, reusable pouch. A handful of calibers are available immediately with more offerings coming late 2018 and more still in development.

• Extreme consistency piece-to-piece and lot-to-lot
• Consistent weight & volume to reduce velocity spreads
• Minimal neck runout for superior precision
• Optimized metallurgy and dimensions to maximize case life
• Clean case head design for easy pressure sign identification
• All brass sizes feature large rifle primer pockets
• Includes 100 round reusable, zippered pouch


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