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High Angle Solution – Brigantes Presents – Hilleberg Staika Military Tent

Hilleberg have long been the preeminent tent manufacturer within Europe.  Originally started by Bo Hilleberg, they have brought innovation and functionality to the world of light weight and durable tents.

When operating in mountainous and arctic conditions, the use of tents by the military is essential for the sustainment of operations.  Thankfully, gone are the days of large and heavy canvas tents.  Now, we are able to go into these extreme environments with the best that the outdoor industry can provide.

Recent developments based on the hugely popular civilian range, has seen the addition of IRR and light blocking fabrics.  This resulted in the Hilleberg tents being adopted by the UK MOD, for their Arctic operations and reduced the weight of the in service tent by 5Kg (11lbs).

The Staika is structurally one of the strongest tents on the market and can even be used as a subsurface shelter, in snow conditions, to enable greater levels of concealment and covert observation.  It offers durable and functional shelter for two operators which can withstand extreme weather and with its small foot print it can be pitched on very small areas.  In addition, as it is self supporting, it can be used within urban environments where it is not possible to place a peg.  For more information get in touch by email on

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  1. redbeard says:

    Best tents in the world!!