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SOFIC 18 – Advanced Offroad Trailer

The Advanced Offroad Trailer is designed for use with ATV/UTVs, offering a 1500 lbs capacity.


According to the manufacturer, the body is made of a very strong HardOx steel that is more than 5 times stronger than standard structural steel. It is also fully Powder Coated.

It features a long travel (9 in), independent suspension along with air adjustable shocks allows for the adjustment of spring rate depending on the size of load in the trailer. It is fitted with an Anti-Sway Bar.

A removable trailer tongue allows for easy shipping as well as reduces storage space and a fully articulating hitch allows your trailer to track behind you anywhere you go. It has two receivers, forward and rear. The Rear Receiver allows for a multitude of accessories to be attached, give the ability to piggy back trailers, and allows for a tow point for vehicle retrieval.


The trailer can be fitted with a HALO Rack System for additional storage, drop sides and a pallet bed.

Additionally, AOTs are assigned VINs for registration and on-road use, but there is also a ski kit to replace the Highway rated tires and aluminum rims combo, for over-snow transport.



2 Responses to “SOFIC 18 – Advanced Offroad Trailer”

  1. pablo says:

    that’s awesome! now i need to buy a Polaris to pull it with.