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Light mobile Reverse Osmosis water purification for expeditions

This unit has a daily capacity of 1440 litres per day, giving 5 litres of drinking water for 288 people, or 72 pcs 20 L bottles. From any raw water source. ‘Plug & Play’ units ready for fast deployment. Drinking water setup in less than 10 minutes. Light weight, 27 Kg.


Integrated internal gell battery (4 hours power) with multiple power solution: can run on flexible and foldable solar power, external battery 12V, power grid, 230 volt, power grid 110V is IATA proof, can be transported with a airplane and airdropped.

Filtration process

2x Ultra Filtration + 1x Activated Carbon + 2x Reverse Osmosis + 1x Ultra Violet-C. Integrated water pump and external hoses.


This unit is like the BB60 with some extra’s

1x RO swith to produce 120 Liter per hour.

With 4x USB port – to load electrical equipement.


4 Responses to “Light mobile Reverse Osmosis water purification for expeditions”

  1. pablo says:

    i’d take the BB30 with the P3Solar 30 plz

  2. Mark Serrano says:

    I know that thing is designed to be portable but I would not bring that to an airport.

  3. I’m curious what the cost is for this, because water purification is essential for any emergency situation

  4. Robert Remie says:

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    You can transport the case by Airplane it is IATA proof. NGO’s use this for firts responder. There is a RO switch for max 120L per hour output. For further questions: http://www.muchmorewater.nl

    Kind regards,