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Pimp Your 416 with Maxim Defense

I have been remiss in writing about the accessories Maxim Defense has created for the HK416. I first ran across this company at AUSA in 2017. Since their initial products were going straight to the civilian AR market I pay as much attention to them as I should have. Maxim Defense is working very hard to become a serious player in the small arms market. One area they’ve placed emphasis on is the HK416.


You could already mount their collapsible PDW stock to the rifle, but they designed a new rail for the platform called the mDX. Available in 7.25″, 9.25″, and 12.65″ lengths, it incorporates M-LOK slots. The QD slots are on 45 Deg.


Additionally, you’ll note the scoop at the business end. There are short and long scooped models with the longer scoop intended to keep the thumb back away from the really hot bits for those who shoot with the thumb over rail technique.

Finally, Maxim Defense is supposed to be introducing 416 lowers.



9 Responses to “Pimp Your 416 with Maxim Defense”

  1. lollers says:

    zero comments because so few people get issued the 416. 😉

    • EricJ says:

      Those who are issued the 416, don’t particularly like the platform.

      • lollers says:

        Oh I am well aware.

        • EricJ says:

          That makes two of us. Support still sucks and CQBR/MK18s still run better suppressed.

          • Kaja says:

            Why is that? One would expect piston system to work better with extra pressure than DI

            • EricJ says:

              10.4s suppressed trashes the receivers just as bad as MK18. Its not the 416 sucks. Its the 416 is outperformed by cheaper and better options. Its quicker to do a functional clean on a M4A1 than 416. There is a huge difference between inspection cleans, and cleaning for function.The issues being that the 416 and M27 cost more, weigh more, have a worse recoil impulse, and worse reliability than the M4A1 or a MK18(for the 10inch range). And this isn’t even comparing it to a mid length gas,system.

              This isn’t saying the 416 isn’t a serviceable rifle. It’s just performs worse than plenty of options.

              I wish I was wrong but sadly I speak for experience.

    • yogi says:

      alot of countries has it as standard issue..

  2. yogi says:

    can you use the 416 gas block flip up irons with the short rail with the short scoop?

  3. EricJ says:

    What, are they trying to revive the 416C again?