Grey Ghost Precision Team Shooter JP Sullivan, Secures Top Placement at 3rd Annual, Task Force Dagger 3Gun Championship

June 12, 2018 – Grey Ghost Precision is proud to announce team shooter, JP Sullivan’s fourth place finish, out of 154 competitors, at the 3rd Annual Task Force Dagger 3Gun Championship, held June 8-10, in Clinton, SC.

Sullivan, who competes in 3 Gun, USPSA, and Precision Rifle matches, has won numerous local matches and placed in the Top 10 at multiple major matches across the country using modified GGP Light 5.56 rifles.

Currently serving as an Army Captain on Active Duty with 3 deployments to Afghanistan and other overseas Assignments, Sullivan chooses to run the Grey Ghost Precision Light (5.56), with an 18″ barrel for his rifle during the competitions.

The 2018 Task Force Dagger Foundation 3Gun Championship is an entertaining three-day military-style, physically and mentally challenging event. The match features 8 stages, and 18 Squads with 15 competitors per squad. The stages are designed to present dynamic shooting challenges, as well each stage designed to individually memorialize a USSOCOM service member or a significant combat operation.

“The skill level of the competitors was no doubt the deepest talent pool I have seen at the match,” stated Sullivan. “The first and second place finishers are both multi-time national champions and damn near unstoppable so it was a battle for third, and I’m honored to have been among that group of finishers.”

Sullivan is one of several active duty, Special Operations Military members the team at Grey Ghost entrusts their firearms with, to provide honest and real feedback.

“My rifle is by far my best of the 3 guns I have. I also compete with the GGP Grim (6.5 Creedmoor), which doesn’t require any modifications due to it being so awesome out of the gate and ready for competition,” stated Sullivan. “Needless to say, the team at GGP is one that I trust completely.”

With a number of prototypes in the hands of trusted industry partners and professionals, from Special Forces teams and instructors, Law Enforcement, competition shooters and hardcore hunters, Grey Ghost isn’t one of those companies who asks for help and then decide they’re going to do it their way anyway. The team takes every ounce of feedback, in conjunction with design and engineering, and the product you see come out of the box will be the result of legitimate evaluations and honest opinion.

“We make it a point to remain relevant to our customers by being in constant contact with them,” stated Jason Curns, Vice President of GGP. “Feedback is the most important aspect in design and manufacturing – and we realize how imperative it is to humble ourselves to know that. We are incredibly end-user focused; and with several of our products currently being deployed with teams in combat, our focus on the feedback from those who put themselves into harms way is the most imperative.”

“Having JP as part of the Grey Ghost team is not only an honor, but is a truly imperative ingredient to how we as a company operate,” stated Casey Ingles, CEO of GGP. “Without professionals such as JP, we wouldn’t be able to produce the products we do, and be able to provide those who use them, the confidence to know they will operate when needed.”

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