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One More Time – It’s “Pogue”

This is a “POG”


This is a “Pogue”


Any questions?

19 Responses to “One More Time – It’s “Pogue””

  1. Joe_K says:

    I prefer REMF

    • JM Gavin says:

      I’ve never considered “pogue” and “REMF” to be interchangeable. “REMF” is a combination of duty and location, like “fobbit.” “Pogue” is more pejorative. A REMF can be a good soldier (“This REMF supply supply at BAF is always squaring us away with XYZ”)…but a pogue is a…well…pogue (“So this pogue Sergeant Major comes running up, yelling at us about wearing our black fleece jackets on BAF”).

  2. Aye says:

    I prefer, “Mother Fucker” makes it nice and clear

  3. Unimog says:

    Well played SSD ,well played……

  4. Vince says:

    Thank you.

    I hate it when retards take a pejorative which was developed even before my generation and misspell it so-tradition being what it is.

  5. Jon, OPT says:

    Ah yes, the worst retronym ever. Seriously, the moron who decided it was an acronym, then purveyed that everywhere didn’t think for one second that the pronunciation would be off, the acronym itself was weak and could easily be far better, hmmm, NAG Not A Grunt; NIP Non Infantry Personnel… and that’s just off the cuff.

    When I was a private, pogues were anyone who didn’t fo a combat arms job in the field, freaking arty gun bunnies weren’t pogues, cav scouts weren’t pogues (though they would tell you they were the same as infantry, that hasn’t changed).

    But here we are, with a lexicon that has been modified and dictated by the uninformed terminal lances, and retired 8 year SPC4s.

    It’s not a dick though, we shouldn’t take it so hard, I have way bigger problems than a word I rarely use anymore.

  6. Jeb says:

    OPT gets it.

  7. Ex11A says:

    Thank you SSD! It infuriates me when the Generation X candy-asses try to call someone a pejorative and don’t even know what they are saying. To not know the difference between a “Pog” and a “Pogue” shows a lack of even a basic knowledge of military history.

    • Jester says:

      Just FYI unless SSD joined the military at a later age than normal, he is a” Generation X candy ass” as you call them, since generation X started in the early to mid 60s.

    • Jester says:

      And ended in roughly 1980-82.

  8. TideTac says:

    Jefe, what is a pejorative?

  9. Stefan S. says:

    But if you like the chow, fuel, bullets, H2O etc., a Pogue had to do his job to get it to you. Just pointing out the obvious.

    • td godfrey says:

      if it’s assigned to you as an MOS that’s one thing but if you join and that’s what you want to do that’s another….

  10. buckaroomedic says:

    This again?!?

  11. El Terryble says:

    I’m just a dumb Grunt, but I thought “Pogues” was a reference to the seminal Irish folk-punk band of the same name, where as “POG”-long O- was Personnel Other than Grunt. But do they even call Infantry in the Army “Grunts”? Because, I always thought “Grunt” was specific to the Marine Corps. I mean it’s all semantics (def. for Grunts with less than a 100 GT score, Motor T and ASVAB waivers-the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning.)

    • SSD says:

      You thought wrong. The military use of the term “Pogue” predates the band name by decades.

      I’m sure an Infantryman who was trying to save his reputation came up with this POG nonsense because you can assuredly be a POG and be in the Infantry.

      Grunts have always been infantrymen, of either branch.