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The Summit Experience – Day Two

We had a great day today. It started out early with breakfast kicking off at 0630, followed by a quick meeting to discuss the day’s schedule which would include a service project in the morning and white water rafting after lunch. Next was flags, with the requisite pledge of allegiance as well as Scout oath and law.

We organized into a larger group with another crew from Ozark, Missouri and were bussed to a nearby football field, located at a local closed high school, to help revitalize it for use by youth sports leagues. We were joined by a couple of local volunteers wielding chainsaws in order to clear small trees. We got quite a bit done and others will continue the job until it is complete. Service to the local community is a big part of what SBR does. Completion of this project also helps our Scouts earn a sustainability award while at camp.

After being bussed back to SBR, we ate a quick lunch and prepared for a white water rafting trip. Although it is an add-on with additional cost, it was worth it. The excursion is conducted by an offsite vendor, in the New River Gorge. We spent about two hours on the water, first learning how to control the boat as a team, and then negotiating multiple rapids during our journey. Although our boat crew was an ad hoc team comprised of Scouts and leaders from various locations, we had the opportunity to sit in different positions on the boat, giving us new perspectives of how the boat behaves on the river. If you’re looking for a great guide, ask for Chas who is a wealth of knowledge. Unfortunately, I was unable to bring a camera on the white water rafting trip.

Although it rained off and on all day, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. The temperature remained cool, which was great for the service project and we were already wet from the river.

Evenings are capped off with a variety of activities. Unfortunately, I have to prepare stories for the website, so I am unable to participate. However, my son enjoyed some additional time out on the water.

Today’s meals consisted of do it yourself breakfast burritos in the morning, pulled pork sandwiches with fries and chicken fingers for lunch, and Hawaiian chicken with baked potatoes and corn for dinner. Granted, they weren’t the tastiest meals I had ever had, but they gave us the energy we needed for the day’s activities.

I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

7 Responses to “The Summit Experience – Day Two”

  1. jbgleason says:


    I remember my Scout camps well. While I have issue with the recent political capitulations of the leadership, I would implode you to concentrate your efforts on your son and short the rest of us just a bit over the next few days. Have fun. JB.

    • SSD says:

      That would mean shutting the website down for the rest of the week. That’s something that has never happened in over 10 years. I almost didn’t come in this trip and I miss many other opportunities with my family because I run a small business, but they understands this is how we put food on the table. No matter where we are, or what we are doing, the spice must flow.

      • AGL Bob says:

        Maybe you could have a “best of” in the que . Like the radio talk hosts do when they be go on vacation.

      • Bob says:

        SSD, Thanks for sharing. It seems this location is much better suited for the the event than AP Hill. Does everyone get a tent provided or did Troops bring their own?

        PS Please don’t implode.

  2. AGL Bob says:

    It’s great to hear dad is having as much fun as his son. Well deserved,I’m sure. Enjoy.

  3. Gerard says:

    I like hearing this stuff. I regret I was never a scout myself

  4. chris says:

    Thank you for taking some of our chickens. They’re annoying and poop all over.