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Unity Tactical FUSION Friday

FUSION, by Unity Tactical, is a system of modular, multi-purpose components that provide end users unparalleled flexibility in mounting accessories to weapon platforms.  It offers complete control in attachment of lights, lasers, sights, and other equipment to achieve complete integration, optimal placement, lightest weight, and most economy of space.

FUSION Config 6A BreakOut

This FUSION configuration features the Micro Hub 2.0, Backup Iron Sight – Fixed, and Ring Light Mount – 1”.  It’s a compact way to attach the most common handheld lights to a weapon.  In this case, a Surefire Fury is mounted directly to the Micro Hub, keeping it close to the rail and above the bore.  Above bore light mounts are great for making sure your light clears a barricade.  This placement is also ideal for tailcap activation with the thumb, that doesn’t require breaking of the shooting grip.  Using handheld lights on a gun is an economical way of creating a weapon light.  It’s a great way to set up a patrol or home defense carbine.  The Ring Light Mount – 1” accepts most Surefire and Streamlight handheld lights.  The FUSION Backup Iron Sight – Fixed is a rock solid front sight for AR-pattern and similar rifles.  The ribbed rear surface eliminates glare from light, naturally and quickly drawing focus to the front sight post.  The Front sight post is an off the shelf component that is fully compatible with aftermarket posts and is adjustable for elevation.

FUSION Config 6B BreakOut

FUSION components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MILSPEC Type 3 anodized.  Designed and made in the US from US materials and good ole’ fashioned American innovation.  FUSION is the original and best modular accessory mounting system.  Make your gear work for you, not the other way around.

FUSION components are available from Unity Tactical and authorized dealers to build your perfect setup.



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