Sierra Designs – California Collection

At Outdoor Retailer we found out that Sierra Designs is launching a new clothing collection which is not only Made in the USA, but in California, where the brand is located. There are several factories there specializing in clothing and bag production. It’s great to see more and more products being made here.


The line will include everthbg seen here as well as other items. There are both men’s and women’s styles along with packs and bags.

Releasing later this month.


5 Responses to “Sierra Designs – California Collection”

  1. corsair says:

    Encouraging but, they gotta try something, they’re virtually non-existent since American Rec bought them and torpedo’d their business.

    • maresdesign says:

      I had to personally witness the decline of SD due to piss-poor leadership. Frustrating since I was on the design side and we were well on the way to rebuilding the brand after a few industry awards and were just getting momentum again. Now with current leadership in place they need all the help they can get.

  2. G1E says:

    Hear hear and I don’t recall them preceding at us either. Production here in the USA helps us all. Thank you!

  3. G1E says:

    • That would be “preaching”…^