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Military Exchanges Partner with RangeMe to Streamline American-Made Product Sourcing

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 13, 2021 — The Army & Air Force Exchange, Navy Exchange, Marine Corps Exchange, and Coast Guard Exchange are joining forces with RangeMe, the industry standard online product sourcing platform for retailers and suppliers, on a nationwide initiative to source American-made products for their shelves.

This endeavor is part of the ongoing commitment from the exchanges to bring more American-made products into their retail stores while enhancing categories that include pet supplies, PPE, housewares, toys, and more. 

“RangeMe has established strong partnerships with the U.S. military exchanges, and we are thrilled to take this next step with them,” said Nicky Jackson, CEO and Founder of RangeMe. “This enhanced commitment to sourcing American-made products will help further their dedication to providing innovative, quality products to the men and women of the Armed Forces.”

Through RangeMe, the exchanges will easily discover products manufactured in America and meet their consumers’ needs. With more than 175,000 suppliers, RangeMe provides a vast array of brands representing nearly 1 million products that can meet the exchanges’ needs as they deepen their efforts to bring in more American-made products now and in the future.

American-made brands interested in working with the Exchanges can submit their products for review here: app.rangeme.com/exchangemadeinamerica.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: It’s Back—Multi-Purpose Pack in Woodland Camo

Friday, February 5th, 2021

It’s back in woodland camo! The Multi-Purpose Pack was originally developed as a medical pack for a US Special Operations unit, this pack can easily be adapted for use as a range bag, E&E pack, or 1-day pack. Features include hydration compartment, padded shoulder straps, 5 external pockets and compression straps.

Multi-Purpose Perfection

“My first experience with the MPP was borrowed from a friend during a shooting event. He swore by it, and let me borrow it for a few events to try out for myself. I was so impressed, I had to buy my own. This pack excels at modular packing and light carry. It fits far more gear than I anticipated, any never once showed signs of breaking. The stitching was superb and heavy duty. I’ve used his to create my range IFAK kit that I also leave in my truck for expedient ALS. I highly recommend this pack to everyone.”
— online review

• 5 external pockets including large hydration compartment
• Low profile padded shoulder straps
• Exterior compression straps
• Exceptional low profile range bag
• Developed as a med bag for a US SOF element
• Made in the USA

Currently available in woodland, manatee and ranger green.

This weekend only—we are offering SSD readers a promo. Order any Multi-Purpose Pack and get a FREE Tough Hook.

*medical cell tag not included with tough hook (as photographed above)*

For more information go to: www.first-spear.com/multi-purpose-pack

FORLOH & Montana Knife Company Launch Special Edition USA-Made Hunting Knives

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

WHITEFISH, Mont. (Feb. 1, 2021) — FORLOH, the first brand to manufacture high-end technical hunting apparel that is 100 percent made in the USA, has launched a new line of 100 percent USA-made hunting knives. Proudly built in Frenchtown, Montana, by world-renowned master bladesmith Josh Smith of Montana Knife Company, the two new offerings, the Speedgoat and the Blackfoot, are emblazoned with special-edition FORLOH logos and are available now at FORLOH.com.

“A reliable knife is an essential part of any hunter’s equipment, and we wanted to bring a custom hand-built blade to our customers that uphold our values of 100 percent USA-made and performance in the field,” said FORLOH CEO Andy Techmanski. “We found the perfect collaboration here in Montana with Josh at Montana Knife Company, and are excited to offer two custom FORLOH blades that highlight true American craftsmanship.”

Built in collaboration with the Montana Knife Company, both the Blackfoot and Speedgoat hunting blades are 100 percent USA-made with 52100 high carbon blade steel. Full-tang construction and premium steel selection steel offer robust reliability and an ideal blend of toughness and edge retention allowing for in-field maintenance and sharpening. Both blades are Parkerized with a black finish to prevent corrosion and eliminate glare; then laser etched with FORLOH and MKC logos. Each Blackfoot and Speedgoat comes with a 100 percent USA-made Kydex sheath that is versatile, modular, customizable, and built for external vertical or horizontal carry and quick access. Both the Blackfoot and Speedgoat are available now at FORLOH.com.

The Blackfoot

The Blackfoot is named after the Blackfoot River valley in Lincoln, Montana, on the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat wilderness edge. This do-it-all hunting blade is a versatile and robust straight-point style fixed-blade with a full flat-ground blade and full-tang construction ready to tackle any task in the field. Equipped G10 scales offer superior purchase in wet conditions and will not retain water or blood. The Blackfoot is available in two colors, light green and black-green, at FORLOH.com. MSRP $300

FORLOH x MKC Blackfoot Hunting Knife with Kydex Sheath

Blackfoot Specs:
• Blade Steel: USA-made 52100 high-carbon
• Scales Material: G10
• Finish: Black Parkerization
• Blade Length: 3.5 in
• Total Length: 7.75 in
• Knife Weight: 2.9 oz

The Speedgoat

The Speedgoat is named after the light and fast antelope native to Montana. The slim, lightweight knife is light enough to pack on an alpine goat hunt but durable and large enough to completely field-dress an elk. This full-tang, full flat ground straight-point blade offers precision control and easy sharpening in a slim, ultralight package. The handle is wrapped in a USA-made 550 paracord that reduces the hand fatigue found in similar ultralight blades and serves as useful cordage in an emergency. The Speedgoat is available now in three colors, blaze orange, coyote tan, and black at FORLOH.com. MSRP $225

FORLOH x MKC Speedgoat Hunting Knife with Kydex Sheath

Speedgoat Specs:

• Blade Steel: USA-made 52100 high-carbon
• Finish: Black Parkerization
• Blade Length: 3.75 in
• Total Length: 7.75 in
• Knife Weight: 1.9 oz

“Essential” A Film Featuring PPE Manufacturing By Outdoor Research

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Our friends at Outdoor Research recently released their film, Essential.

Essential shows the incredible teamwork and commitment of the Outdoor Research factory team, and teaches us about the power behind U.S. manufacturing. Outdoor Research has been a leader in U.S. made outdoor apparel and accessories for 40 years. Four floors of its 7-story headquarters building in Seattle, WA are dedicated to factory production space.

A 40-year history of rapidly developing cutting-edge Outdoor, Military and Tactical products provided Outdoor Research the ability to quickly shift to supporting the personal protective needs of the medical community.

The entire company is fully committed to ensuring that doctors, nurses, health-care workers and first responders have the personal protective equipment they require to effectively care for their patients. 

Highly respected in the outdoor industry for developing functional solutions for extreme environments, Outdoor Research has a history of successfully leveraging the best commercial market technologies to serve the needs of the armed services and first responders. Over the past two years the company has conducted a comprehensive review of the U.S. supply chain and is in active development with textile mills and materials providers to expand and elevate the capabilities of products that are 100-percent American-made. 

Over the last two years Outdoor Research has made significant capital investments designed to improve and modernize its Seattle factory. In May of 2019 the company opened an additional new, wholly-owned factory in El Monte, California. These investments allow Outdoor Research to take advantage of the company’s global knowledge of design, materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques while producing the next generation of outdoor and tactical products at its facilities. OR has continued to accelerate its product-development cycle, allowing the latest innovations to be rapidly fielded to the end user, helping increase the mobility and protection of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and now the medical community.

Watch Essential to see how OR pivoted their business in March of 2020 to serve the needs of frontline healthcare workers and essential hospital staff.

This film is dedicated to Outdoor Research production staff and essential workers around the world. We encourage you to share this film, and the story of the OR factory team, as you are able.

Sneak Peek – Berry Compliant Handwear by Beyond

Friday, November 6th, 2020

In addition to the new TAA compliant gloves we showed you yesterday, Beyond is also introducing a standard five finger glove a s a two-piece three finger mitt system that takes you down to -70 F. Both are touch screen compatible.

As an added bonus, Beyond also has a Cordura Gaiter.

Coming soon.


McHenry Introduces Bipartisan American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act – Widens Berry Amendment Across Departments

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10), joined Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) to introduce the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act. This bipartisan legislation will help end the United States’ reliance on Chinese-made personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that hospitals and frontline healthcare workers have access to a plentiful supply of high-quality American made PPE.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that the United States has failed its hospitals and frontline healthcare workers because of our over-reliance on Chinese-made PPE,” said Congressman McHenry. “By returning production of PPE to the United States, we will address the concerns raised by the current crisis while also incentivizing future investments in high quality PPE made by American companies, ensuring the long-term protection of our hospitals and frontline healthcare workers. I am glad to partner with Representative Pascrell to introduce a bipartisan bill that does just that.”

“The ongoing pandemic has exposed America’s over-reliance on personal protective equipment made in other countries. In a cruel twist of irony we are especially dependent on medical supplies made in China, where COVID-19 originated and whose totalitarian secrecy deepened the world crisis,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Our reliance on non-American-made PPE has crippled our response to COVID from the start. Even as we continue to fight the virus, we must use this painful lesson to change our behavior now. Our bipartisan American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act will ensure we are investing in the best tools in the world at our disposal by making our own PPE right here in America. Encouraging production of medical supplies within our borders will ultimately help our economy, create jobs, ensure higher-grade equipment, and most important save American lives. This cannot wait until the next pandemic.”

“The U.S. textile industry would like to sincerely thank Congressman McHenry and Congressman Pascrell for introducing the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act, a bill we believe will create strong domestic procurement rules to incentivize investment and the onshoring of critical medical textiles,” said National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) President and CEO Kim Glas. “Re-creating the successful domestic purchasing rules found in the Berry Amendment for all federal PPE purchases will not only help our country reduce its overreliance on China for PPE but also provide longer term support for our domestic supply chain that has supplied hundreds of millions of urgently needed items including face masks, isolation gowns and other needed PPE to frontline health care workers.”

“The American manufacturers who comprise the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC) applaud the leadership of Congressman McHenry and Congressman Pascrell, demonstrated by their introduction of the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act,” said David Costello, Executive Director of the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC). “This thoughtful legislation recognizes that a 100% American PPE supply chain is a matter of our national security and that ending reliance on unreliable, foreign made products is essential to ensure the health and safety of our nation. Our members are already investing their time and energy bolstering their domestic PPE capability and we look forward to working with Mr. McHenry and Mr. Pascrell to see this bill become law. “ 

Background: The American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act implements the Berry Amendment standard of “100 percent of a product that is grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced in the United States” for the purchas of personal protective equipment (PPE) by Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. It also resets the contract level for the Berry Amendment from $250,000 to $150,000 to ensure more PPE is made in America.

The Made in America PPE Movement – The Time is NOW

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

It’s time to answer to the medical voices of our healthcare frontline workers and provide a solid supply chain in the U.S. to deliver the necessary protection equipment required for our country in times of pandemics. We should not be relying on Asia or EU to supply our much-needed supplies and ensure we are providing the safety measures necessary for today and our future.  SEAMS.org member companies have the capacity to turn on PPE equipment to support our country. 

SSD is proud to be a part of the SEAMS Made in America PPE movement and ask you support those companies keeping Americans safe and the lights in here at home.

American Tomahawk

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

The Model 1 Tomahawk is a modern recreation of the company’s original design carried by Soldiers in the Vietnam war. RMJ Tactical bought the company in 2019, and they are back in business.

It has a forged 1060 head featuring a forward cutting edge, and a aggressive 3.25″ long Spike.

Offered with Hickory or Nylon 66 Handle and a Kydex sheath.

And, it’s Made in the USA!