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Sneak Peek – Berry Compliant Handwear by Beyond

Friday, November 6th, 2020

In addition to the new TAA compliant gloves we showed you yesterday, Beyond is also introducing a standard five finger glove a s a two-piece three finger mitt system that takes you down to -70 F. Both are touch screen compatible.

As an added bonus, Beyond also has a Cordura Gaiter.

Coming soon.


McHenry Introduces Bipartisan American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act – Widens Berry Amendment Across Departments

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10), joined Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) to introduce the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act. This bipartisan legislation will help end the United States’ reliance on Chinese-made personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that hospitals and frontline healthcare workers have access to a plentiful supply of high-quality American made PPE.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that the United States has failed its hospitals and frontline healthcare workers because of our over-reliance on Chinese-made PPE,” said Congressman McHenry. “By returning production of PPE to the United States, we will address the concerns raised by the current crisis while also incentivizing future investments in high quality PPE made by American companies, ensuring the long-term protection of our hospitals and frontline healthcare workers. I am glad to partner with Representative Pascrell to introduce a bipartisan bill that does just that.”

“The ongoing pandemic has exposed America’s over-reliance on personal protective equipment made in other countries. In a cruel twist of irony we are especially dependent on medical supplies made in China, where COVID-19 originated and whose totalitarian secrecy deepened the world crisis,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Our reliance on non-American-made PPE has crippled our response to COVID from the start. Even as we continue to fight the virus, we must use this painful lesson to change our behavior now. Our bipartisan American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act will ensure we are investing in the best tools in the world at our disposal by making our own PPE right here in America. Encouraging production of medical supplies within our borders will ultimately help our economy, create jobs, ensure higher-grade equipment, and most important save American lives. This cannot wait until the next pandemic.”

“The U.S. textile industry would like to sincerely thank Congressman McHenry and Congressman Pascrell for introducing the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act, a bill we believe will create strong domestic procurement rules to incentivize investment and the onshoring of critical medical textiles,” said National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) President and CEO Kim Glas. “Re-creating the successful domestic purchasing rules found in the Berry Amendment for all federal PPE purchases will not only help our country reduce its overreliance on China for PPE but also provide longer term support for our domestic supply chain that has supplied hundreds of millions of urgently needed items including face masks, isolation gowns and other needed PPE to frontline health care workers.”

“The American manufacturers who comprise the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC) applaud the leadership of Congressman McHenry and Congressman Pascrell, demonstrated by their introduction of the American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act,” said David Costello, Executive Director of the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition (WPRC). “This thoughtful legislation recognizes that a 100% American PPE supply chain is a matter of our national security and that ending reliance on unreliable, foreign made products is essential to ensure the health and safety of our nation. Our members are already investing their time and energy bolstering their domestic PPE capability and we look forward to working with Mr. McHenry and Mr. Pascrell to see this bill become law. “ 

Background: The American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act implements the Berry Amendment standard of “100 percent of a product that is grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced in the United States” for the purchas of personal protective equipment (PPE) by Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. It also resets the contract level for the Berry Amendment from $250,000 to $150,000 to ensure more PPE is made in America.

The Made in America PPE Movement – The Time is NOW

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

It’s time to answer to the medical voices of our healthcare frontline workers and provide a solid supply chain in the U.S. to deliver the necessary protection equipment required for our country in times of pandemics. We should not be relying on Asia or EU to supply our much-needed supplies and ensure we are providing the safety measures necessary for today and our future.  SEAMS.org member companies have the capacity to turn on PPE equipment to support our country. 

SSD is proud to be a part of the SEAMS Made in America PPE movement and ask you support those companies keeping Americans safe and the lights in here at home.

American Tomahawk

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

The Model 1 Tomahawk is a modern recreation of the company’s original design carried by Soldiers in the Vietnam war. RMJ Tactical bought the company in 2019, and they are back in business.

It has a forged 1060 head featuring a forward cutting edge, and a aggressive 3.25″ long Spike.

Offered with Hickory or Nylon 66 Handle and a Kydex sheath.

And, it’s Made in the USA!


Tactical Tailor produces reusable PPE Face Masks

Friday, April 17th, 2020

After receiving Medical Grade Cotton Fabric, Tactical Tailor’s talented crew began sewing simple, single layer masks that could be delivered to local agencies quickly.

Another fine example of a Defense Contractor stepping up to meet our nation’s need for PPE – Tactical Tailor has been manufacturing Single Layer Cotton Face Masks to help assist local medical professionals in their local City of Lakewood as well as nearby Joint Base Lewis McChord combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

Made one size fits all, the mask covers both the face and nose area, preventing airborne water droplets from being transferred between the wearer and those nearby.

“This simple yet effective facial mask is made from Medical Grade Cotton Fabric and features adjustable elastic shock cordage that goes around the head and neck to prevent fatigue on the wearers ears like other face masks can cause. This also allows the cords to be adjusted easily for length and head shape for optimal comfort.

The single layer Medical Grade Cotton doesn’t require a separate filter, simply use, wash and reuse up to 30 times.

According to the website product page, these masks have three special finishes that aid in contaminant resistance:

  • Antimicrobial – Healthier to use than regular untreated fabric
  • DWR – Prevents droplets to be absorbed into the fabric
  • Soil Release – Easier to wash

While minimalistic in design, these masks are not meant be single-use/disposable. According to TT, they can be home or industrial washed and dried up to 30 times before replacement is recommended.

If you would like to personally purchase on of these Tactical Tailor PPE masks, they retail for $10.99 and are available here.

SHOT Show 20 – Point6 To Introduce Berry Compliant Merino Wool Baselayers

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Point6 let us know that they are introducing new Merino wool undergarments that are Berry compliant, utilizing wool from domestic Rambouillet sheep.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series: Shaw Concepts

Friday, December 20th, 2019

It’s Friday and we have another edition of the FirstSpear OEM Partner Series where we take a look at a new company FS has partnered with and the equipment they build for them. Today we are checking out a great up-and-coming American equipment company, Shaw Concepts and the RAID Pouch.

Why was the RAID developed and why did you choose the Tubes system?

The RAID was developed from the lack of a good IFAK that could be easily removed and reattached. Most IFAKs on the market come off easily but once used don’t offer the user an easy way to pack up the contents and reattach the pouch. Some just dump out their contents, leaving the user to pick up their trash and just stuff it in their pockets or dump pouch. The RAID started out as a solution to this but proved itself to also make a great general utility plate carrier hanger pouch as well. The idea to use the FirstSpear Tubes came from my experience with the Tubes on the AAC I owned. They’re easy to connect and disconnect and they are short in distance from end to end making them fit well in the slim space between the plate carrier and RAID Pouch, something not many buckles can do well, which made it a simple choice. The ease of connecting with one hand without seeing it made it idea for lowlight and night time operations as well and that’s the sort of work our target customer base does.

Why did you choose FS manufacturing?

Once some of my designs caught a bit of traction and I found myself unable to fulfill the demand on my own sewing equipment I started looking into OEM options. FirstSpear turned out to be one and I was already familiar with their products and quality since I used their AAC Plate Carrier. I contacted them and to my surprise they answered and were willing to help and easy to work with.

Why is American manufacturing important to Shaw Concepts?

I fundamentally believe in American Exceptionalism and that as Americans it’s our responsibility to pioneer continuously. I also believe in taking care of fellow Americans and American Industries first. Most of us hate how much of what we use is made overseas and now that I’m in a position to choose to make things here or abroad I prioritize American manufacturing. Plus I get a sense of pride in seeing the ‘Made in the US’ tag on some of my products. I hope this shows in the quality of my products and the values of my business.

Why was Shaw Concepts started?

Shaw Concepts was started due to a lack of satisfaction in the gear offerings of the industry. Time and time again I found myself wishing for a particular piece of gear tailored to a certain purpose or just made well with the user’s comfort and use in mind. I found myself designing gear I wish I had and even making some early creations out of sea bag canvas with the help of my unit’s riggers. From there I started making things for fellow recondos around the barracks and coming up with new products like the RAID Pouch. I started an instagram (@ShawConcepts) for my creations; not planning for too much to come of it but people online and around the barracks were really impressed with what I came up with so from there it just kind of grew.


Predator Tools Model 25, The Raven

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

If you’re looking for a made in the USA spade, check out the Model 25 from Predator Tools.

Made from temepered Chrome-Moly 4130 Aircraft quality steel, the Raven features a double serrated edge on the blade.

If the Raven isn’t what you’re looking for, Predator Tools has a full line of digging implements.