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Fieldcraft TAC Denim Pant by Origin

Launched today, this new denim pant is a collaboration between Fieldcraft Survival and Origin.

To the uninitiated, they are just another pair of jeans. To the prepared, they are your new favorite tool in your everyday carry. 

Origin took their field proven Work Denim platform and made very strategic design changes based off feedback from Mike and the Fieldcraft team. Changes include reinforced waistline for increased EDC tool weight and adjustment of the belt loop configuration to allow for a multitude of inside or outside waistband carry options.

They also increased the belt loop width to accommodate increased belt weight and omitted the right coin pocket to allow for faster, unobscured access to the pocket contents.

The Fieldcraft Tac Denim is made 100% in America, manufactured using a 100% American supply chain.


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